Now, tap into ‘wholistic wellbeing’ even while you travel

Roundglass Living is a new smartphone app that gives you tools to help you with meditation, yoga, and nutrition on the go.
Wellness, wellbeing, gadgets, app, smartphone, travel, wellness travel
Stay calm and travel on. Image: Shutterstock/Kseniia Zagrebaeva.

While you may feel tempted to pack your Yoga teacher into your suitcase along with your Yoga mat, a more convenient option may be to download the RoundGlass Living App onto your smartphone!

Wellness, wellbeing, gadgets, app, smartphone, travel, wellness travel
‘Wholistic Wellbeing’ is a whole new way of looking at wellness on the go. Screenshot: Courtesy Roundglass Living.

Developed by Sunny Singh, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and wellbeing champion, RoundGlass has been inspiring people to embrace a life of what they call ‘Wholistic Wellbeing’ since 2014.

It provides them with the tools — technology-enabled solutions, content, and access to world-class experts — to do so. And now, with this new app, the health-tech company is now on a mission to deliver their brand of ‘Wholistic Wellbeing’ to everyone, no matter where you are located.

Wellness, wellbeing, gadgets, app, smartphone, travel, wellness travel
Feature rich and user friendly, the app makes wellness and wellbeing available on the go, regardless of where you are. Screenshots: Courtesy Roundglass Living.

The app promises to help users find their way to managing work-life balance, getting better sleep, parenting, eating healthy, even coping with grief, anywhere in the world. RoundGlass Living offers guidance in the form of authentic, science-backed courses, classes, live sessions, insightful articles, and wellbeing tools such as a customised meditation timer and reminders. The app, available for iPhone and Android users, has a free and a premium version (Living+) with monthly and annual subscriptions.

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