Venerated yacht builders get featured in ‘Cult Classics’

The show explores the history and ethos of yacht builders and takes an in-depth look into their boat-building philosophies.

YachtWorld, the world’s largest marketplace for yachts, has debuted its new YouTube series, Cult Classics. The show highlights a select group of venerated yacht builders who have earned a staunchly loyal following.

Each episode of Cult Classics explores the history and ethos of builders with a cult-like entourage and takes an in-depth look into their boat-building philosophies. The series will have a total of five episodes in 2022.

“The devotion from fans and owners of these prestigious yacht builders is something that we wanted to shine a light on and invite more people to experience,” says Ryan McVinney, Director of Content at Boats Group and creator of Cult Classics.

“The stories are unique because it’s not easy to reach the status and caliber that these builders have achieved. It’s a long road to get there, so we’re excited to show what it takes,” he says.

 It takes an average of three to four years to build a fully-custom superyacht.

The inaugural episode features one of America’s oldest shipbuilding families, Huckins Yachts, and focuses on the company’s new but classically-styled Huntsman 38 vessel. Huckins Yachts’ proud history of boat building has created one of the most loyal followings in the industry, which dates back to the early 1900s.

Viewers can look forward to more iconic brands and revered yacht builders as upcoming episodes spotlight the notable heritage of Bertram Yachts, Formula’s Thunderbird, Wellcraft, and more.

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