Thirsty Fox launches Kipp, its newest cider

To celebrate this new flavour, Thirsty Fox has partnered with O Pedro to present the Fox Box, a delightful picnic that contains a bottle each of Izzy, Reed and Kipp, along with a delicious menu created by Chef Hussain.

The sun’s out. After weeks of grey skies and incessant downpours, Mumbai is finally getting some sunshine. A near-perfect coincidence that Thirsty Fox is launching its newest cider flavour – Kipp – on the same day. But it’s not just your usual media event. The brand has tied up with Hunger Inc, one of the leading restaurant groups in the country and starting August 27, O Pedro will have the Fox Box, a picnic box with delicious Goan treats paired with Thirsty Fox’s three ciders exclusively on offer for pre-order until August 29.

Thirsty fox box o pedro, fox box comes with a meal for two and a bottle each of izzy, reed and kipp from thirsty fox. Created by chef hussain of hunger inc.
The Fox Box comes with a meal for two and a bottle each of Izzy, Reed and Kipp from Thirsty Fox. Created by Chef Hussain of Hunger Inc, each course is paired with the unique flavours.

As we sit down within the tastefully done interiors of O Pedro’s BKC outlet for a dine-in experience of the Fox Box, Chef Hussain talks about how much he’s enjoyed creating the special menu that pairs with the different flavours. “We actually discovered Thirsty Fox a while back. Yash and Sameer had chanced upon the ciders at a friend’s place, and given our penchant for experimentation and meaningful collaborations, it was an organic partnership that took shape. I myself have thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating these dishes paired with each of the distinct flavours from Thirsty Fox.”

First up is poee with cultured butter infused with Kipp cider, pickled sweet peppers and miso olives, and a delectable spicy pumpkin pate. I am completely convinced by Chef Hussain’s philosophy on pairing wherein a diner should be free to choose what to pair with drink, instead of following a set template. So, naturally, I sample all three flavours as I mop up the incredible dips with the delicious Goan bread.

Next are ham croquettes which are as crispy on the outside as they are moist and gooey inside, bursting with meaty goodness. On the chef’s recommendation I douse it in Pedro’s hot sauce. Paired with the newest Thirsty Fox cider Kipp, with its aroma of litchis, light and easy on the palate, it brings to mind memories of sunny picnics and happy faces.

O pedro poee fox box cider thirsty fox. The poee came with a spicy pumpkin pate, cultured butter infused with kipp, and miso olives and pickled sweet peppers.
The poee came with a spicy pumpkin pate, cultured butter infused with Kipp, and miso olives and pickled sweet peppers.

For the next pairing, Izzy, perhaps the most familiar tasting cider in Thirsty Fox’s portfolio, comes with Aunty Maria’s Macaroni Salad. The refreshing flavour of apples goes amazingly well with the fresh greens and I understand why Izzy is the best-selling variant until now.

The b**f wellington that is served next, with roasted beets and marrow gravy, is something I’d been looking forward to ever since I’d read about it on the menu. And paired with it is Reed, my personal favourite flavour of cider from Thirsty Fox. It’s complex, with a sour cherry flavour profile that is absolutely delicious. It’s unlike most of the ciders I’ve tasted until now, including craft options across Mumbai’s many microbreweries. The b**f wellington in itself is a masterpiece, and I almost inhale it despite having stuffed my face with the ham croquettes earlier.

Beef wellington and thirsty fox reed cider
The b**f wellington is a veritable masterpiece, complemented by the complex sour cherry notes of Thirsty Fox’s Reed.

I do leave some space for the Pastel de Nata though; the egg custard tarts are heavenly little bites, that conclude the amazing spread.

A pleasant afternoon, spent gorging on delicious food, delectable ciders and enjoying Chef Hussain’s stories, it’s a fitting tribute to Thirsty Fox’s newest cider flavour Kipp. And even though I’m on the verge of slipping into a food-induced coma by the time we’re done, I don’t think I’ve had enough of either the food or cider and a Fox Box will most definitely find its way to me over the coming weekend.

If you want to partake in this lovely picnic experience, buoyed by the flavours of Thirsty Fox ciders and Chef Hussain’s special menu, order in a Fox Box from O Pedro by calling 91-99673-65514, from August 27-29. With the vegetarian box available for Rs 2,800 and the non-vegetarian option priced at Rs 3,200, you get a meal for two and a bottle each of Thirsty Fox’s three ciders.

And remember, if you want to get your hands on more of Kipp, O Pedro is exclusively serving the newest Thirsty Fox cider.

Happy picnicking!

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