The best places in India to satisfy those bucket biryani cravings

Bucket biryani is fast becoming india's favourite way to consume the delicious dish
Bucket biryani is fast becoming India’s favourite way to consume the delicious dish. Image: Shutterstock

A bucketful of biryani is not a strange phrase in 2021, with Indian restaurants catering towards the massive rising trend. 

Before we get into the deep end of the bucket, what constitutes a perfect biryani? In the vast world of Indian biryanis, everything from the perfect spice blend to the perfect grain of rice matters. Add to that a slow cooked meat of your choice, and that definitely makes for an ideal biryani. 

With the onslaught of the pandemic in 2020 and a lockdown as memorable as miserable, all of India turned towards its favourite comfort food and how! While some may have donned the chef’s hat, a good number of the population took to food delivery platforms for a warm bowl of succulent stability. 

What makes biryani so lovable is the versatility it comes with. There’s a version to suit everyone’s taste buds, from the comforting Kolkata biryani, to Muradabadi biryani, and the classic droolworthy Hyderabadi Biryani, or even an Ambur biryani among so many others. It’s all about that sweet spot where spice, rice, and everything nice meet. 

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Traditional chicken kheema biryani is just one of many versions of the classic dish
Traditional Chicken Kheema Biryani is just one of many versions of the classic dish. Image: Shutterstock

Such was the biryani craze in 2020, that the humble chicken biryani reaffirmed its place as India’s favourite dish. It was the most ordered dish on FoodTech apps like Zomato, Swiggy and Dunzo. With a whopping 44,30,008 orders on Zomato and 5.5 lakh on Swiggy, it has enjoyed popularity across all states, leaving behind pizza, pasta and french fries.

As per Swiggy’s StatEATstics report, there was some form of veg, chicken, mutton or aloo biryani ordered more than once every second in 2020! 

So of course, why not make the most of it by wholeheartedly embracing bucket biryani? The concept offers something new and interesting in terms of packaging and convenience. Add to that a mouthwatering consistency of flavour and you have the most economical manner to consume your favourite biryani. 

Indians continue to take to the bucket biryani craze in vast numbers, evident in multiple restaurants adopting the format. So what are the best places to look out for when a bucket of biryani is on your mind? Keep reading to find out! 

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Biriyani Brothers – The Bucket Biriyani Specialist

Since its inception in Abu Dhabi in 2012, the Biriyiani Brothers knew there was a large market of biryani lovers to tap into. Their popularity among the residents of UAE prompted them to expand to Chennai, where they continue to be all the rage. 

Bucket Biriyani Specialists, as they’re self titled, are all about serving up the best authentic South Indian Dum Biryani. From Sudana Suvaiyana BB’s Biriyani to the Exclusive BB’s Chicken Biryani, there’s something for everyone – all in a handy bucket. 

AR Rahman Biriyani

At AR Rahman Biriyani, fill in the missing piece of homemade food in your lives with a big bucketful of delicious biryani. Located across Chennai, they specialize in providing tasty as well as healthy food. All of this without making a dent in your bank account. Talk about a win-win situation! 

SS Hyderabad Biryani Pvt Ltd

Journeying from a humble roadside stall to the big leagues of Chennai’s food space, S.Abdul Samad has taken his mother’s secret recipe to the greatest heights. A name familiar to all biryani lovers, SS Hyderabad Biryani Pvt Ltd started on a small scale in 1998 in Perambur with a seating capacity of just 8. 

What makes this eatery unique in comparison to its peers is undoubtedly their bucket biryani. Choose between a Super pack for 4-5 people, or go big with an 8-9 person Standard pack. The delicious biryani is served with brinjal curry, eggs, onion raita, and the classic chicken 65. Since they make biryani every hour, the customers are guaranteed the most authentic and fresh flavours at all times! 

Special mention: If you’re in Mumbai and looking for some great bucket biryani to go, there’s Bombay Bucket Biryani in Seawoods and Kamothe – Navi Mumbai. Known for their fragrant, delicious chicken, mutton and vegetable dum biryani, it’s all about delicious convenience in easy-to-carry buckets.

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