#StayHomeToday but #TravelTomorrow : A campaign by UNWTO

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has launched a multi-media campaign #StayHomeToday but #TravelTomorrow to inspire the world to travel once it opens up, to not just support hospitality, travel and tourism businesses but also, once again, experience the magic of travel, to heal from a pandemic that has forced the world to shut down.

Hashtagged #StayHome today but #TravelTomorrow, the travel campaign hopes to inspire people to travel and revive the industries the hardest hit by COVID-19 global lockdown. From the ancient streets of Lamu to the beauty of Masai Mara, from the rhythms of Jamaican music to the beaches and culture of Mauritius, the campaigns appeal to our desire for exploring and discovering the farthest corners of our world.

A high-power committee to plan survival

Tourism has an unparalleled ability to recover from crisis and is uniquely positioned to lead wider societal recovery, driving economic growth, creating jobs and transforming lives. UNWTO has called on the global community to start looking to the future and has convened the Global Tourism Crisis Committee to help with the revival of the sectors worldwide.

In a statement UNWTO put out about the campaign, it says, “When we #TravelTomorrow, we will do so for the right reasons:

  • For solidarity that we are witnessing today across the world.
  • To learn from different cultures and to return home enriched.
  • To support the jobs which go hand-in-hand with tourism as a sector that reaches every level of society
  • To advance development and promote sustainability.
  • For the opportunities that come with discovering the world around us.

The travel campaign films feature eight different countries and convey optimism for prospective journeys. Recognizing that travellers of the world have been grounded by Covid-19, they highlight the importance of holding on to the hope of travelling when the time is right and encourages viewers to be enthusiastic about the destinations and the people that they will soon be able to visit, in line with World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines.


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