Spice Money and actor Sonu Sood roll out Travel Union to push rural tourism

The app-based platform aims to pass on benefits of economies of scale to small businesses and agents located in rural and semi-urban India.
Sonu 6
A still from the Travel Union promotional video.

Spice Money has teamed up with actor Sonu Sood to launch Travel Union – an app-based aggregator platform to empower the travel and tourism sector at the grassroots level.

Travel Union aims to be a ‘super-aggregator’ for small businesses and travel agents by combining economies of scale and efficiencies across railways, airlines, hotels, and other aggregators. The platform is exclusively meant for members who do not need to pay any onboarding charges.

Sonu 3
The ad copy in Hindi is targeted at travel operators in rural and semi-urban destinations.

In return for these services, Travel Union will collect a Productive Link Bonus (PLB) from its members based on their business volumes transacted through the platform. There is no markup at the transaction level between Travel Union and its members. Among other benefits, the app promises 24×7 customer support and instant refunds on ticket cancellations.

In rolling out Travel Union, the promoters have the advantage of access to nearly half a million retail partners of the Spice Group, which specialises in microfinance. A key amplifier for the initiative is of course, Sood, who has earned considerable goodwill for his efforts to support migrant workers and the rural sector during last year’s stringent COVID-mitigation lockdown.  

The promotional campaign of the app is befittingly targeted at the often neglected rural and semi-urban participant in the travel and tourism sector. Its first brand campaign ‘Khulenge Naye Raaste’ featuring Sood, explains the benefits of the app in accessible language. The video will be actively promoted across digital and social media platforms.

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