Moonshine Meadery brings the elixir of the gods to Goa

Moonshine Meadery brings ‘Hopped Mead’ and their brand-new, pure and superior quality honey ‘Sidr Honey’ to Goa.

Asia’s first-ever meadery brings you the most ancient alcoholic beverage — mead. After the successful launch of ‘Hopped Mead’ and its runaway success in Maharashtra, Moonshine Meadery now brings this amazing mead to Goa along with its ‘Sidr Honey’ — pure, single-varietal honey sourced directly from beekeepers — under its Moonshine Honey Project,in a bid to offer quality honey to patrons.

Moonshine meadery’s hopped mead flavour and pure sidr honey.
Moonshine Meadery’s Hopped Mead flavour and pure Sidr Honey.

Moonshine Meadery is Asia’s first meadery established in 2018 that brings back the ancient royal drink mead in refreshing modern avatars. Made by fermenting ethically sourced, pure honey with various fruits and spices, Moonshine’s meads make for 100 percent natural, flavourful beverages. Moonshine constantly innovates and experiments with a range of ingredients — like multifloral honey, orange blossom honey, coffee beans, guavas, apples, chillies, kaffir lime, and much more — to offer a wide spread of fresh meads that satisfy different palates.

Moonshine is devoted to going beyond limits when it comes to offering the finest meads to its customers. The brand carries on this tradition with its newly launched, first-of-its-kind, limited edition ‘Hopped Mead’ crafted with multifloral honey and a blend of Amarillo, Mandarina, Magnum, and Citra hops. This mead by Moonshine is absolutely delicious and zesty with a slightly bitter aftertaste. The mild sweetness of the multifloral honey (sourced from the Moonshine Honey Project) is followed by the fruitiness of the Citra, Mandarina, and Amarillo hops, finishing with a lingering bitter flavour from the Magnum hops as it warms up a little!

Hopped mead
Moonshine Meadery’s limited edition and delicious Hopped Mead.

Euphoric about the new Hopped Mead, Nitin Vishwas, Co-Founder of Moonshine Meadery, said, “At Moonshine, we love experimenting with various ingredients to bring unique and delicious twists to meads that cater to everyone’s tastes. Our Hopped Mead, an outcome of this experimentation, has the bitterness and hoppiness of an India Pale Ale but without all that bloating that gluten brings. And after its successful launch in Maharashtra, we are pleased to launch it in Goa as well!”

Explaining the rationale behind the Moonshine Honey Project, Rohan Rehani, Co-Founder of Moonshine Meadery, shared, “The Moonshine Honey Project is our way of telling our customers that the honey used in our meads is exceptional, sourced directly from beekeepers. So, we are giving you an option of buying the honey from us and you’ll experience for yourself that it is of the finest quality, fulfills its promise of 100 percent purity, and is responsibly sourced.”

Elated at Sidr Honey’s debut, Rohan also added, “This beautiful, single-varietal honey is generated by bees when they pollinate the blossoms of Jujube trees, which are mostly found in Rajasthan and flower for only 20-30 days per year. The honey tastes floral and has a creamy texture with butterscotch undertones, and we’re sure our customers are going to love it.”

Sidr honey
Moonshine Meadery’s brand-new and top-quality Sidr Honey is sourced directly from beekeepers.

While Moonshine’s spectrum of flagship meads — Apple Cyder Mead, Traditional Mead and Coffee Mead — are available round the year, the brand also offers seasonal meads through their MeadLABs. These include Salted Kokum Mead, Guava Chilli Mead, Chocolate Orange Mead, and Bourbon Oaked Apple Mead, among others. Moonshine Meadery has now also introduced the Moonshine Honey Project, an initiative to bring honey in its purest form, sourced directly from beekeepers across the country. Slowly carving a niche for itself in the Indian and Asian alco-bev sector at large, Moonshine is currently available in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Assam, Rajasthan, Goa, Himachal Pradesh, and Silvassa.

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