Monsoon trekking in Goa no longer a dream!

Brimming rivers, swaying fields, and lush greenery offering scenic views at every turn — monsoon trekking will show you the quieter, more serene side of Goa.
Monsoon trekking in goa
Be ready to trek through natural trails and cascading falls in Goa’s hinterlands this monsoon. Image: Shutterstock/Kuznetcov_Konstantin.

If exploring the untapped hinterlands of Goa has always been on your list, now is the time to live the dream! The Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) recently launched the Monsoon Trekking programme to boost tourism in its remote areas.

During the launch, Dr. Ganesh Gaonkar, GTDC Chairman, said that this move will help boost the economy of the region and will further help to generate employment for locals. As per the reports, more than eight million tourists visit Goa every year, and most of them prefer to visit the beaches to enjoy sun, sand, and the sea during their vacation. However, now the Goa Government is also focussing on hinterland tourism.

Expect fresh air, remote locations, and a safe trekking experience. Only certified tourist guides trained by the GTDC and the Forest Department, will be permitted to accompany tourists. The first series of monsoon trekking in and around Goa has already begun, and these four-hour treks will be organised on Sundays inclusive of lunch. The hinterland tourism in Goa is focussed on many aspects, including nature-based, heritage, cultural, wellness, and adventure experiences.

The state government is striving hard to develop and promote remote areas to attract incoming tourists. Earlier in May this year, the tourism department, in association with BLADE India, had launched three helicopter services in order to boost tourism in the Goan hinterlands. The heli services provide better connectivity from Goa airport to North, South, and Old Goa.

Dudhsagar falls
The railway bridge at Dudhsagar Falls. Image: Shutterstock/

The first trek of the series has been organised to Hivrem Falls on July 10 — the four-hour, 8-km journey will take you through orchid fields and hills to finally reach the cascading waterfalls, where you will spend time with nature. The expedition costs INR1,000 per person, including transportation and lunch, and is limited to maximum of 58 people.

In case you miss out on this one, there are also some other unique destinations in the hinterlands of Goa that’d offer absolutely amazing monsoon trekking experiences are Dudhsagar, Tambdi Surla, and Netravali waterfalls.

Located in the far southeastern corner of the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Dudhsagar Falls, Goa’s most impressive and India’s second highest waterfall, splashes down in milky, misty cascades. The 6-km Tambdi Surla trail starts at the ancient Tambdi Surla Temple and takes one to the eponymous cascading falls.

Go navigating through Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary in South Goa that has an eclectic range of flora and fauna particularly active in the monsoon. Your time here will include wading through waist-deep waters, climbing down natural slopes, and spotting many species of spider and scorpion.

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