Did you know the Michelin Guide now lists world’s most coveted hotels as well? Here are the deets!

After restaurants, the reputed Michelin Guide is now helping travellers find their pick from the most unique hotel experiences around the world.
Michelin guide
The magnificent Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita in Italy’s Matera. Image: Courtesy Tablet Hotels.

The Michelin Guide has been a benchmark in global gastronomy, helping the world discover the finest of gourmet experiences for over a century. Now, with a new hotel selection created by Tablet Hotels, it is setting the same standard for most coveted hotels around the world.

The aim is ‘to strive for excellence, promote uniqueness, and highlight local know-how and the art of living.’ The official statement by Michelin says, “For as long as we have been recommending places to eat, the guide has been recommending places to sleep. Over the years, though, the star ratings for fine dining took the lion’s share of the spotlight.” But one glance at its website or apps today and you will notice that hotels have a prominent new position now, equal to restaurants. The fresh approach is to highlight the best travel and stay experiences.

Michelin guide
The chic Aman Tokyo in the Otemachi region is also a Michelin hotel. Image: Courtesy Tablet Hotels.

The rules for the selection of restaurants and hotels to be listed in the iconic little red book, are kept similar. While restaurants are selected by anonymous guide inspectors of renown, hotels are picked with the help of a team at Tablet Hotels and its community of avid travellers. Tablet Hotels, an online travel agency, was acquired by the French tyre-maker and mobility company in 2018 and has since been the guide’s trusted hospitality experts. Verified guests who make their hotel bookings through Tablet can share their feedback to help in the evaluation process of the Michelin Guide for hotels. Based on the reviews, hotels can even be removed if the ratings are unsatisfactory. The criteria for selection includes interior design and decor, architecture, authenticity, quality of service, and the hotel’s significance as a destination.

Michelin guide
Tainaron Blue Retreat in Vathia, Greece. Image: Courtesy Tablet Hotels.

The hotel selection extends to over 120 countries as of now. Greece’s Tainaron Blue Retreat, The Sukhothai Bangkok in Thailand, Dunton Hot Springs in Colorado, Otemachi’s Aman Tokyo, the luxury hotel Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita in Matera, Italy and more, the guide has has expanded its hotel selection to over 120 countries, as of now.

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