The Samsonite EVOA Tech luggage collection

Travel bags so intelligent and intuitive, you may be tempted to take them sightseeing with you!
Samsonite, evoa tech, travel bags, suitcases, hardside

Samsonite, one of the world’s leading luggage brands, has announced the launch of its revolutionary EVOA Tech luggage collection. Building on the advances of its earlier hard-side EVOA range of spinners, this line of next-generation travel suitcases is custom built to intelligently interact with you. The addition of multiple cutting-edge features is ideally suited to empower the smart traveller of today, offering the ultimate combination of efficiency, flexibility, and security.

Samsonite, evoa tech, travel bags, suitcases, hardside

The EVOA Tech maintains all the original features of the EVOA range, while adding unique features that further enhance the premium travel experience. Available exclusively in brushed black with copper accents, this iconic and minimalist look will suit any sophisticated traveller.

Tech it right!

There’s so much built-in tech in this bag, more than enough to excite your inner geek!

The EVOA Tech offers a wide array of security features: a three-in-one Smart lock, TSA approved fingerprint lock allowing for efficient one-touch opening, anti-theft zipper with magnetic zipper puller, and three-digit dial lock and USB port. So basically, you can open and lock your luggage conveniently, either using your recorded fingerprint, or your ordinary TSA combination dial password. You can record up to 10 fingerprints in case you’re sharing the same bag with family members.

Samsonite, evoa tech, travel bags, suitcases, hardside


We especially loved the integrated weighing scale carry handle, which displays the total weight of the bag in kilograms. Perfect for travellers like us who are always teetering on the edge of excess baggage!

Samsonite’s partnership with Panasonic also sees the inclusion of the Seekit™ Bluetooth Tracker, enabling you to tag and track your luggage for a seamless experience. It boasts up to 11 different functions based on Bluetooth 5.0, including a handy Separation Indicator, so that you know when the luggage is around and get notified as soon as you are separated from it. The Bi-directional Tracking feature not only helps you find your luggage, but also track your phone as well, by just double pressing the button on the tracker. In case you are waiting for your bag on the carousel, the proximity guidance can guide you towards it, or identify your luggage easily by tapping the buzz button on your app. A personally safety feature can be activated by pressing the Seekit button thrice, in the event of which an SOS alert with your GPS location will be relayed to up to three pre-set emergency contacts.

Your travel partner

And while the Seekit device even comes with a Selfie Button that allow you to click your best selfies while travelling, the Samsonite EVOA tech melds other ‘quality of life’ features with practicality through the Aero-TracTM suspension wheel system, interior smart and wet pockets, expandability for check-in sizes, and a brushed finishing for added durability.

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