Korean flavours at Crowne Plaza Greater Noida

Despite being perceived as having an out-of-the-way location, Crowne Plaza Greater Noida has emerged as a culinary hotspot in Delhi-NCR. The ‘Culinary Marvels of Korean Cuisine’ food festival is just the latest feather in its cap.
Delectable korean dishes at the korean food festival at crowne plaza greater noida.
Delectable Korean dishes at the Korean food festival at Crowne Plaza Greater Noida.

When I walked into Crowne Plaza Greater Noida’s Mosaic restaurant on the opening night of their ‘Culinary Marvels of Korean Cuisine’ food festival I felt like I was in Korea, surrounded as I was by a bevy of Korean dishes as authentic as they come. There were Korean hostesses as well, ushering in patrons for the opening. Most importantly, there were Korean chefs in attendance. Nam Yeon Hwang and Joon Seok Park from the InterContinental Seoul had flown down especially for the festival.

Chefs nam yeon hwang (left) and joon seok park from intercontinental seoul are in greater noida to cook up a storm at a korean food festival.  
Chefs Nam Yeon Hwang (left) and Joon Seok Park from Intercontinental Seoul are in Greater Noida to cook up a storm at a Korean food festival. 

I sampled a part of the spread—it was so lavish I couldn’t possibly try everything, starting with some Korean barbecue. The meat was perfectly cooked, not overdone, and served with an interesting variety of vegetable pickles, which are a mainstay of the Korean table. I followed this up with some Janchi Gukksu, a flavourful, clear noodle soup. Other standout dishes for me were the Japchae (stir-fried glass noodles), the seafood scallion pancake, and Dak Tori Tang (spicy chicken stew). The Bibimbap too was flawless. Dessert included caramel custard and an intriguing kimchi cake, but I found myself gravitating towards the date pudding.

The culinary team of crowne plaza greater noida with the visiting korean chefs.
The culinary team of Crowne Plaza Greater Noida with the visiting Korean chefs.

With several Korean companies like Samsung and LG operating out of Greater Noida, Crowne Plaza has always catered to Korean guests. In fact, a large number of Samsung employees are long-staying guests at the hotel currently, so the property is well equipped to cater to Korean tastes. The festival also hopes to attract Korean expats living in the NCR and, of course, foodies, of which Delhi has no dearth. That’s why this is no Indianised version of Korean food but the real thing. Think dishes like Hobak Juk (Korean pumpkin porridge), Doenjang Jjgae (Soybean paste stew with pork and vegetables), Godeungo Mu Jorim (spicy braised mackerel and radish), Dak Galbi (tenderloin patty) and so on.

Nothing spells comfort like korean noodle broth.
Nothing spells comfort like Korean noodle broth.

Talking about the festival, Sharad K. Upadhyay, General Manager, Crowne Plaza Greater Noida, said, “A culture can be better understood and appreciated via its food, and we are glad to host the ‘Culinary Marvels of Korean Cuisine’ at Mosaic, our award-winning multicuisine restaurant. Unique and a first for Noida/Greater Noida, this event has been curated by the experienced expat chefs Nam Yeon Hwang and Joon Seok Park from InterContinental Seoul to bring a real Korean culture experience. This one-of-a-kind experience will give food lovers the opportunity to taste authentic South Korean cuisine without having to travel thousands of miles to its country of origin.”

The 10-day festival gets over on July 17th. The meal period at the festival is only dinner buffet, priced at Rs 2,999 AI dinner only, Rs 3,999 AI with unlimited domestic beer for 90 minutes and Rs 4,499 AI with unlimited house brands for 90 minutes. Going forward, some of the dishes will also be incorporated into the regular menu. The Korean wave truly seems to be taking over Delhi-NCR.

A delicious korean dish at the food festival.
A delicious Korean dish at the food festival.

What: Culinary Marvels of Korean Cuisine by Expat Chefs
When: From Friday, 8th July till Sunday 17th July 2022
Timings: 7.30 pm – 11.00 pm
Pricing: Rs 2999/- onwards (as per menu)
For reservations: +91-8527543377

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