Hvammsvík Hot Springs launch with gorgeous mountain views and rental homes

Recharge naturally as you take a rejuvenating dip in the Hvammsvík Hot Springs, the newly launched natural baths near Reykjavík in Iceland.

Iceland can easily win the sobriquet of ‘the land of ice and fire’ — thanks to its icy glaciers and fiery volcanoes. And nothing brings the two aspects together than good old Iceland hot springs. Hvammsvík Hot Springs are the latest addition to the feat.

Hvammsvík hot springs
Hvammsvík Hot Springs are the perfect way to unwind in Hvalfjörður. Image: Courtesy Hvammsvík.

​​Hvalfjörður, that translates to ‘whale fjord’, is straddled between Reykjavík and Akranes and makes for a great day-trip from the capital. The remote fjord’s winding roads lead to Hvammsvík, a family-owned estate consisting of 1,200 acres of lush land and eight multi-temperature hot springs along the shoreline.

Merging with the vast Atlantic Ocean ahead, a dip in these natural baths will leave you both relaxed and invigorated. Imagine soaking in Hvammsvík Hot Springs, while admiring the dance of the Northern Lights that the region is so famous for!

The sprawling estate is home to hot springs and rental homes. Image: Courtesy Hvammsvík.

Three of these natural pools fuse geothermal water with the ocean’s salt water, which means the temperature and levels are dictated by the tides, so that they are unique to that moment and different on every visit. Meaning? You can expect a whole new experience each time! The four private houses surrounded by the ocean, meadows, black beaches, and mountains, offer you private luxury in the dramatic Icelandic countryside.

Reykjavik hot springs
Experience Icelandic luxury in true sense. Image: Courtesy Hvammsvík.

An unfiltered Icelandic adventure in itself, Hvammsvík has a variety of experiences on offer. Start with a short introductory session to Wim Hof method breathwork and gradual cold exposure, lead by an expert. If you wish to have a closer encounter with the Hvammsvík bay, try stand-up paddling (SUP) to explore a bit more of the rugged area and wildlife.

Iceland hot springs
There are four private houses surrounded by the ocean and meadows. Image: Courtesy Hvammsvík.

You can even take a curated walk to discover the flora and fauna as well as known the fascinating history and folklore of the area. There are over 30 different types of birds in and around Hvammsvík. Wild sheep roam around in the summer and if you are lucky you might spot an Arctic Fox. Guests can cycle around the estate and indulge in catching and releasing of the local rainbow trout in the private lake.

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