Listen up, shutterbugs! This luxury resort in Iceland is looking for a ‘Midnight Sun Catcher’

Hotel Rangá is inviting photographers to shoot the spectacular ‘midnight sun’, in return of a 10-day trip to Iceland.
Midnight sun
Hotel Rangá under the breathtaking ‘midnight sun’. Image: Courtesy Hotel Rangá/baldvin.ingi.

While Northern Lights take centre-stage in Iceland during winter, come summer, the sun barely sets for three to four hours, gifting it an exceptional phenomenon called the ‘midnight sun’. The island nation stays bathed in sunlight almost 24/7 during the warmer months of the year, offering endless awe-inspiring views and daytime adventures. Keeping the natural process in mind, Hotel Rangá has announced its ‘Midnight Sun Catcher’ competition.

Midnight sun
A striking Junior Suite. Image: Courtesy Hotel Rangá.

The luxurious property, nestled in Hella along the southern coast of Iceland, is offering a fully paid 10-day stay in exchange for the services of a photographer, who can capture Iceland’s light-filled days, lush highlands, countless waterfalls, glacier volcanoes, black-sand beaches, and hot springs. It is also a great opportunity for a newcomer to build their photography portfolio.

Last year in October, Hotel Rangá had launched a similar ‘Northern Lights Catcher’ campaign, in exchange for a winter trip to Iceland. The contest was a huge success with over 4,800 entries from 50 different countries. At the end, two photographers were picked instead of one!

Midnight sun
There is always an adventure waiting at this luxury property. Image: Courtesy Hotel Rangá.

This time, the luxe hotel is certainly offering photographers their dream job. The winner, however, must keep in mind that it will be a 10-day commitment in mid-June or before, for the island excursion, including return flights, room, and board at the hotel. They also have the option to visit The Highland Center Hrauneyjar, the hotel’s sister property in the uninhabited Icelandic highlands. In return, one is expected to deliver high-quality photographs and videos of Iceland’s ‘midnight sun. Apply before May 15 here.

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