Heathrow Airport in London limits daily passenger counts to 1,00,000

In view of endless queues and delays, London’s Heathrow Airport has imposed a capacity cap on daily passengers as well as asked airlines to limit selling of tickets.
Heathrow in london
Heathrow Airport was facing difficulties managing managing large crowds post the pandemic. Image: Shutterstock/Craig Hastings.

London is one of the world’s hottest destinations. Heathrow Airport, the largest and busiest one in the United Kingdom, has been an undisputed hub airport for Europe, with thousands of daily passengers. This summer, in order to avoid long queues, baggage cancellations, and flight delays, the airport has now imposed a capacity cap of 1,00,000 departing passengers in a day from July 12 to September 11. As per the report, it was struggling to manage the demand rebound after the pandemic.

The airport has even urged airlines to stop selling tickets for flights that could be curtailed. In an open statement, CEO John Holland-Kaye mentioned that some airlines have taken significant action, but others have not, and that they believe that further action is now required to ensure passengers have a safe and reliable journey.

Heathrow airport
Heathrow is the largest and busiest airport in the UK. Image: Shutterstock/Fasttailwind.

The average number of outbound seats remaining in the summer schedules at Heathrow was 1,04,000 a day. On an average, 1,500 of these extra 4,000 seats had been sold to passengers. Holland-Kaye further added that due to the same, some summer journeys will either be moved to another airport in London or be cancelled. The move could cost as much as USD500 million in lost revenue.

The cap is in-line with limits implemented at other airports across Europe this summer. London’s Gatwick, Amsterdam’s Schiphol, and Frankfurt are among a number of airports limiting capacity. Following Heathrow’s announcement, air traffic between India and London is likely to reduce over the next two months.

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