The Fauchon L’Hotel Kyoto: A piece of Parisian passion in Japan

Find out how the very French Fauchon is making a mark in the traditional city of Kyoto with this hotel whose design DNA is a beautiful blend of east and west.

Fauchon has been a household name in France when it comes to everything that’s gourmet and grand ever since owner Auguste Fauchon started his first shop in Paris in 1886. They’ve since extended the brand’s trademark fuchsia hues and delicious macarons to retail and hospitality offerings. The brand was inspired to house all Fauchon products and culinary experiences under one roof, the Fauchon L’Hotel Paris. The goal was to enable locals and travellers alike to indulge in everything Fauchon at any time of the day or night. And now, they’ve opened a hotel in Kyoto with the same intent.

A breath of easygoing parisian charm in kyoto's conservative climate | fauchon hotel kyoto
A breath of easygoing Parisian charm in Kyoto’s conservative climate. Image: Courtesy Fauchon Kyoto.

Why Japan and why Kyoto, you may wonder. Although on the other side of the world, the essence of Kyoto is very much in sync with that of Paris. Both cities lay great emphasis on tradition, art, and culture. Both have a sophisticated sensibility when it comes to appreciating the finer things in life, including food and design. Which is why the Fauchon L’Hotel Kyoto makes perfect sense.

The five-star luxury property with 45 rooms and 14 suites in the Shimogyo-ku district, is a member of The Leading Hotels of the World. Just like the first Fauchon hotel in Paris, it too offers the entire Fauchon experience at one place.

You’ll go there to enjoy the sights of the Higashiyama mountain and the ancient district around its base, which offers a wealth of traditional wooden homes, magnificent temples, and paved streets. You’ll surely want to explore the nearby Kamo River, historic Matsubara Bridge and the modern Shijo Kawaramachi, but we won’t blame you if you find it hard to leave the lavish property, which is all about pure indulgence. 

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Designs on you

We liked how the French Atelier Paluel-Marmont and Design Studio SPIN of Japan have collaborated to blends Parisian chic — a thread of intense fuchsia, delicate cherry blossom pink, black and gold runs through the interior design — and distinct Japanese elements to create a hotel that is truly emblematic of the coming together of the two cultures.

The sakura petal leitmotif that greets you in the lobby can be found in other parts of the hotel too | fauchon hotel kyoto
The Sakura petal leitmotif that greets you in the lobby can be found in other parts of the hotel too. Image: Courtesy Fauchon Kyoto.
Luxurious textures, appealing colours and that classic fauchon fragrance give the guestrooms a welcoming feel | fauchon hotel kyoto
Luxurious textures, appealing colours and that classic Fauchon fragrance give the guestrooms a welcoming feel. Image: Courtesy Fauchon Kyoto.

The rooms and suites boast bespoke Fauchon furnishings also feature Origami-style Washi paper above the headboards, lamps that are reminiscent of mille-feuille pastry, and bamboo accents, while the lobby and other common areas have artistically recreated Sakura petals in several places.

Fauchon hotel kyoto
Paris or Kyoto, the style quotient at Fauchon is certainly high. Image: Courtesy Fauchon Kyoto.
Hot pinks and delicate cherry blossom hues, textures of wood and bamboo, and vivid views, make for a heady combination | fauchon hotel kyoto
Hot pinks and delicate cherry blossom hues, textures of wood and bamboo, and vivid views, make for a heady combination. Image: Courtesy Fauchon Kyoto.
Fauchon hotel kyoto
Black bamboo accents on the walls and contemporary styling for the bath area. Image: Courtesy Fauchon Kyoto.

Adding to the luxury experience, every guestroom has the iconic Fauchon Gourmet Bar, custom designed for the brand by French design house Roche-Bobois. This is your regular hotel mini bar luxed up to the max, and even available for purchase if you love the design so much you want to have it at home too.

The bar includes a ‘fresh product’ cabinet, a preview of other Fauchon specialties all kept at the ideal temperature. The ‘drinks’ cabinet is the perfect spot to hold wine, spirits, champagne, water, juices, and soft drinks. There is a special area for sweet and savoury Fauchon snacks as well as an area to enclose the hot water kettle and Nespresso coffee machine for Fauchon tea, coffee, and hot chocolate.

The iconic gourmet bar custom designed for fauchon by roche-bobois | fauchon hotel kyoto
The iconic Gourmet Bar custom designed for Fauchon by Roche-Bobois. Image: Courtesy Fauchon Kyoto.

Indulgence 24/7

Since Fauchon’s forté is gastronomy, it’s not surprising that the Kyoto hotel has a host of dining options for Kyoto-ites as well as guests to binge in. The Grand Café Fauchon on the top floor presents contemporary French cuisine made with fresh and exquisite local ingredients with a marvellous view of Higashiyama. Savour afternoon tea and pastries at the elegant Salon de Thé.

The grand café fauchon has majestic views of higashiyama and dining that's as elevated | fauchon hotel kyoto
The Grand Café Fauchon has majestic views of Higashiyama and dining that’s as elevated! Image: Courtesy Fauchon Kyoto.
A tasteful plate in every sense at  the grand café fauchon | fauchon hotel kyoto
A tasteful plate in every sense at The Grand Café Fauchon. Image: Courtesy Fauchon Kyoto.
The fauchon bar is the first of its kind in the world | fauchon hotel kyoto
The Fauchon Bar is the first of its kind in the world! Image: Courtesy Fauchon Kyoto.

At the tres chic Le Bar, sample Fauchon Champagne among many other ingredient-forward concoctions. And, dangling temptation at street level, is the bright pink Fauchon Patisserie and Boutique, with shelves lined with multi-hued macarons and pastries gleaming like jewels. You are not only greeted at check in one a cup of Fauchon tea and one of these delectations but are invited to indulge any time you like. There’s even a Macaron of the Day to inspire you on your taste quest!

Fauchon hotel kyoto
Tempting treats make for exquisite eye candy at the patisserie. Image: Courtesy Fauchon Kyoto.
Let the macaron of the day make your day |  fauchon hotel kyoto
Let the Macaron of the Day make your day! Image: Courtesy Fauchon Kyoto.

A well of wellness

Le spa fauchon looks surreally sumptuous |  fauchon hotel kyoto
Le Spa Fauchon looks surreally sumptuous. Image: Courtesy Fauchon Kyoto.

The pampering doesn’t stop here, though. There’s also the stunning Le Spa Fauchon that promises a whole other world of treats. Japanese and French beauty specialists guide you through an elaborate menu of treatments, using oomphy fragrances and rich textured products created by KOS PARIS using rare plants cultivated in an environmentally sustainable manner. The gorgeous interiors and that trademark Fauchon look, feel, and even SMELL, is bound to elevate your stay.

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