5 ways to deal with those pesky post-travel blues!

Whether you’re returning from a mini break or heading home after a year-long world tour, post-travel blues must be kept at bay at all costs.
Post-travel blues
Dealing with post-travel blues is crucial to maintain one’s mental health. Image: Shutterstock/Alena Ozerova.

Picture this: It’s time to return home and slip back into the mundane routine life as your trip is drawing to a close. Most memorable moments from your amazing vacation is flashing before your eyes. Your heart is sinking, your brain is giving you a reality check, and you are having a hard time boarding that return flight.

If you can relate to feeling this way where you mournfully spent your next few days or weeks thinking about the trip, you experienced what is called ‘post-travel depression’. Believe it or not, your travel comedown can have serious adverse effects on your health. Other than a sense of longing, one can face lethargy, loss of appetite, a lack of motivation, feelings of nostalgia, boredom, and sadness. Here’s how you can keep those post-travel blues at bay, without losing out on those precious memories.

5 ways to deal with post-travel blues:

Practice what you learnt

Post-travel blues
Sign up for a language course to stay connected with the place you recently explored! Image: Shutterstock/Prostock-studio.

Travel is transformative. Meeting new people, learning their language, adapting to their cultures is an integral part of any journey. And guess what? You don’t need to leave your newfound interests and skills back. Bring them home instead, and put them to use. Mix up your old routines with new ideas. Sign up for a language program, watch movies of a particular foreign community, learn to cook those meals you tried, stay connected to your new friends in abroad, and keep finding new ways to grow.

Keep safe your travel memories

Post-travel blues
Keeping a travel journal helps you heal mentally. Image: Shutterstock/Rawpixel.com.

Travel memories are meant to be cherished, not to be sulked upon. All those exciting stories, learning experiences, and overall beautiful memories need to be preserved in the most creative ways so you can relive those moments anytime you wish! Maintain a travel journal. Talk to your family and friends about your experiences. Collect ticket stubs, souvenirs, and postcards in a box. Turning those memories into something tangible makes you reconnect with trip and yourself.

Give back to the society

Post-travel blues
Channel your energy towards changing lives for good. Image: Shutterstock/Kyle M Price.

While you probably can’t bring a change to people’s lives when on the move, you can always do the same once back home. Look for volunteer opportunities so you can help communities that you connected with or culture that you fell in love with during your trip. In fact, there are many volunteer programmes that pay for your travels in return of your services abroad and let you rid of the post-travel blues before they even kick in!  

Tell your (travel) story

Post-travel blues
Share your story with the world through a vlog! Image: Shutterstock/Maridav.

Sharing your adventures on vacation with the world will bring a certain satisfaction to your distressed self. And it’s easier than ever, thanks to the social media. Post your pictures, turn your memories into a vlog, or write for a user-based travel website that welcome interesting stories from their readers!

Start planning your next trip

Post-travel blues
Start planning your next vacay already! Image: Shutterstock/A_B_C.

No, it isn’t too early to start planning your next vacation the moment you’re back. It not only diverts your focus to something productive, but also allow you to set your future travel goals and work towards fulfilling them. From getting your travel fund or savings in place to preparing a bucket list of all the things you missed out on, the world is your oyster when you don’t waste time sulking and instantly start planning to achieve your travel dreams.

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