Could ‘Climate Calorie’ culinary tours be the next big trend? Crystalbrook thinks so

Crystalbrook’s restaurants and bars have added ‘Climate Calorie’ labels to their menu.

Forget counting calories. According to Crystalbrook Collection, an upscale hospitality chain in Australia, ‘Climate Calories’ are the way of the future. Committed to sustainable-dining and taking the locally sourced concept one step further, the brand, which advocates responsible luxury, has now labelled its menu across their 14 restaurants and bars with ‘Climate Calorie’ details.

Crystalbrook is committed to sustainable-dining and conscious about recycling.

When surfing through the ‘Climate Calorie’ menu, diners will be able to see the following information: If the ingredients in the dish they choose to order are locally sourced, if the ingredients have been sustainably grown or caught, if the ingredients have an indigenous connection, and if the ingredients consciously reduce waste and were delivered to the restaurant in eco-friendly packaging.

“This is just the next step in our sustainability journey. This is a way our customers can feel empowered that they’re making a good environmental choice while connecting with the location and the community. We’re privileged in Australia to have access to such high-quality sustainable ingredients and our chefs take huge pride in their farmer and producer relationships, and sourcing local, ethical and culturally considered meat and produce,” says Geoff York, CEO of Crystalbrook Collection.

The restaurants and bars will use ‘Climate Calorie’ labels beside each dish. For instance, an ingredient marked ‘Locally sourced’ would mean that it was procured within a three-hour radius of the restaurant, and an ‘Ethical meat’ label would confirm that the fish or animal was raised in a sustainable environment. Other labels include ‘Minimise waste,’ ‘Supplied to restaurant in eco-friendly packaging,’ and ‘Culturally considered,’ which implies the use of native ingredients and working with indigenous communities. 

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