Get these uber cool accessories to glam up your Royal Enfield Meteor 350!

Genuine Motor Accessory or GMA, a division of the brand, has just the best aftermarket parts for Royal Enfield Meteor 350 on offer.
Royal enfield meteor 350
Get these uber cool accessories to glam up your Royal Enfield Meteor 350! 7

Bikers, especially Royal Enfield enthusiasts, have been obsessed with aftermarket accessories since the beginning of the motor history, and rightly so. After all, who wouldn’t want to see their favourite cruiser bike loaded with cool add-ons? But in the process of fitting motorcycles with accessories, warranty often takes a backseat, thanks to the huge world of aftermarket accessory brands that are neither safe nor reliable. Enters Genuine Motor Accessory or GMA, Royal Enfield’s very own division that creates safe, stylish, and apt accessories for all Royal Enfield bikes. Tested rigorously, these products come with a three-year manufacturer warranty. And now, it’s time for you to style your favourite Royal Enfield Meteor 350 with these genuine motorcycle accessories that are designed to improve your comfort and provide maximum support, so you can cruise away without a care in the world!

Touring Rider Seat

Royal enfield meteor 350

Super supportive and extremely comfortable in nature, the Touring Rider Seat comes with a bespoke seat cushion, extra lumbar support, and flatter larger base surface. The 3D net technology has been used to enable even distribution of the weight, while adding to your comfort. Enjoy the true highway cruiser experience with additional stitching and a chic embroidered logo that adds to the premium nature of this seat! Buy here.

Passenger Backrest Pad and Mounts

Royal enfield meteor 350

Long, off-the-road bike rides are simply amazing, but they can give a hard time to your back, especially when you are riding pillion. Give your bent backbone some rest with the Passenger Backrest Pad and Mounts, which together provide maximum comfort and support for your lumbar. These pads offer a uniform seating alignment for the rider, while the passenger backrest comes with cast aluminium backrest arms, which provide the much-needed mounting structure. Buy here.

Silver Deluxe Foot Pegs

Royal enfield meteor 350

Accessorise your Meteor 350 with the forged aluminum Silver Deluxe Foot Pegs that come with a larger footprint. The rubber inserts isolate vibrations with their specific bayonet-style mounting design. These are simply perfect for a long, cruiser ride, and promise comfort to both rider and pillion positions. Buy here.

Black and Silver Straight-cut Silencer

Royal enfield meteor 350

Let worries about the compliance of noise and emissions be a thing of past. Transform your cruising experience with this stainless steel durable silencer. The Black and Silver Straight-cut Silencer has a unique sound, which is obtained with glass fiber absorption and specially tuned internals result in a deep, rich rumble attributed to Royal Enfield offering a smoother riding experience. Buy here.

Silver Sump Guard

Royal enfield meteor 350

Safety always comes first! Gift the engine and lower frame rails of your Meteor 350 an added layer of protection with the Silver Sump Guard. Think pressed heavy-duty aluminum alloy plate, hard anodised for a durable finish and fitted with a centered Royal Enfield branding. Mounting brackets integrate rubber segregation, which can stifle vibrations and allow for any quick removal using tools for cleaning.

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