Get into a festive mood with the best Christmas songs of 2021

Get your holly jolly on with our playlist of top Christmas songs launched this year!
Christmas songs of 2021: time to bring on the festive cheer.
Time to bring on the festive cheer with these newest Christmas songs of 2021. Image: Shutterstock.

Christmas bells are officially starting to ring, and what better way to get into the holiday spirit than to put on some Christmas songs while fixing up the tree with twinkling lights, baking your first batch of gingerbread cookies or travelling to a festive destination for a mini vacay. While we are all ears for listening to good, old holiday classics (only a real Grinch can turn a deaf ear to All I want for Christmas and Last Christmas!), there’s been a whole host of festive tracks this year. So, brace yourselves, fellow Yulephiles, here are the best Christmas songs of 2021 that are topping the charts this season!

Best Christmas songs of 2021 that you must listen to

Merry Christmas by Ed Sheeran and Elton John

Christmas songs of 2021: merry christmas by ed sheeran and elton john

Ed Sheeran is ringing in the holiday season along with Elton John, with his first ever Christmas song. Merry Christmas is currently beating festive classics by bagging number one position on UK singles charts for the second week now. A simple, silly, cheesy musical takeaway full of Christmas cliches, from countless sleigh bells, a children’s choir, to the ‘kisses under the mistletoe’ mentions, this peppy number even has Sheeran wiggling his bum while wearing little Santa booty shorts! Stream here.

Christmas Isn’t Cancelled (Just You) by Kelly Clarkson

Christmas songs of 2021: christmas isn’t cancelled (just you) by kelly clarkson

Kelly Clarkson in this single is all of us who wish to take a salty dig at an ex lover for spoiling everything good for us! But then, what makes it one of the coolest musical coolest takeaway this season is that she further sings, “but (you) won’t take Christmas from me”! Sure we do love ourselves a feel-good, big-band festive jingle, but a nice diss track like this one is great to bring in some variety to the playlist. Stream here.

Kiss Me It’s Christmas by Leona Lewis ft. Ne-Yo

Christmas songs of 2021: kiss me it’s christmas by leona lewis ft. Ne-yo

Kiss Me It’s Christmas will transport you into a land of mushy romance and Christmas feels. Smooth duet vocals by Leona Lewis and Ne-Yo come together with Spanish guitar tunes and a cosy celebration of a love-fuelled festive season at home. Stream here.

Fall in Love at Christmas by Mariah Carey, Khalid, and Kirk Franklin

Christmas songs of 2021: fall in love at christmas by mariah carey, khalid, and kirk franklin

The ‘undisputed queen of Christmas’ is keeping up the festive fever with this year’s sensual R&B slow burn Fall in Love at Christmas. Carrey’s effortless vocal plays and high notes perfectly match with the harmonies of Khalid and Kirk Franklin, gifting us the perfect hit number for the holiday season. Stream here.

Home To You (This Christmas) by Sigrid

Christmas songs of 2021: home to you (this christmas) by sigrid

Sigrid’s timely transformation of her 2019 hit track into a Christmas special will surely melt your heart. Home to you is a warm, toasty number that hits home when it comes to love, life, and Christmas nostalgia. Stream here.

It Was A… (Masked Christmas) by Jimmy Fallon, Ariana Grande, and Megan Thee Stallion

Christmas songs of 2021: it was a… (masked christmas) by jimmy fallon, ariana grande, and megan thee stallion

Jimmy Fallon, Ariana Grande, and Megan Thee Stallion coming together to make a hit number on reminding people of COVID-appropriate etiquettes and booster shots? This Christmas track doesn’t sound like it’d work but it’ll grow on you in no time. Stream here.

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