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Suman Tarafdar is a journalist based out of Delhi. Over the span of about two and a half decades in the media, he has worked with leading Indian media houses. He now concentrates on aspects of culture and lifestyle, both from consumer and business angles.

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10 amazing aspects of Ahmedabad you must explore!

Often overlooked as a tourist destination, Gujarat’s largest city and erstwhile capital has a layered history worthy of a closer examination. Here’s how you can make the most of your time in…

Copenhagen, denmark, scandinavia, international travel

Nordic candy: Why Copenhagen hits the sweet spot

The Danish capital has a number of (very enticing) tourist attractions, of course, but there are a lot more reasons that make it a trendy destination. And not just for the moment.…

Abba, museum, themed hotel, music travel, sweden, stockholm

Take a chance on ABBA

The Swedish group has two new songs wowing the music world, almost 40 years after they decided to take a ‘short break’. The appeal of ABBA hasn’t dimmed and, for ABBAheads, the…

Aman, amanbagh, rajasthan, india, rajasthan travel, india travel

The Aman chromosome

Aman, almost a byword for unhurried, tranquil luxury, has seen a record number of guests in search of solitude-encompassed travel. We get a taste of the Aman experience at Amanbagh in Rajasthan,…

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Can you travel somewhere this summer?

Hoping to travel internationally in the next few months? Then be prepared to navigate bewilderingly complex and constantly changing rules. For the long-beleaguered travel and tourism sectors globally, there is some good…

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10 must-visit museums in India

These museums, both old and new, offer up a fascinating kaleidoscope of the India story. Museum. A word that for most Indians comes with a groan if it means going to one,…

Vaccine tourism packages

Should you take the vaccine tourism packages seriously?

There is no evidence that many of the vaccine tourism packages being sold to Indians are authentic. While Russia hasn’t officially announced any vaccine tourism policy, the Maldives and Seychelles’ official vaccine…

10 floating hotels

10 floating hotels for an epic on-sea/river/lake experience

They are cool, they are eco-friendly and they are rare. From India to the Arctic Circle, the floating hotels that push the envelope. Since the recent revelation of details about the under-construction…

Signum eco dera resort jaipur

Eco ‘duning’ on the edge of Jaipur

Signum Eco Dera Resort & Spa blends the best of Rajasthan’s royal heritage with the great outdoors, amid the destination’s sweeping sand dunes. Easily the most popular hotel category over the better…