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Wakai interiors

WAKAI: J-aa-p-aaa-n…love in Tokyo…

Barring a few glitches, WAKAI offers a divine Japanese fine-dining experience in Mumbai. We had booked a Saturday night meal at the new fine-dine Japanese restaurant in Mumbai, WAKAI. The restaurant called thrice to reconfirm…

Tamil table assagao

When in Goa, do as the Tamils do!

Tamil Table’s reputation as one of Goa’s culinary hotspots is well deserved.  As I leave the decibel-busting sounds of giant speakers from packed beach-facing restobars behind and drive down the quieter bylanes of Para, the…

Opa kipos

OPA not so Opa!

OPA Kipos is a promising new Greek restaurant in Mumbai with great décor and food — but they need to up their service game.  So my experience at OPA was mixed. We had a reservation…

Overthetop mp column

The Road to TravelDine.com

We call TravelDine our ‘love letter’ to the fascinating world of food, drinks, hotels and travel. We are in the business of imagination, inspiration, and not to forget, fun. The last year…

The time to communicate

The time to communicate is now!

The importance of marketing and advertising at a time the world is passing through an eye of the storm.

India gcc travel bubble

India-GCC travel bubble has the potential to redefine luxury tourism

As the concept of the travel bubble takes shape, this is India’s opportunity to create a strong corridor between the country and the GCC block. We can transform our tourism sector by inviting in affluent Arab travellers, who possess the financial heft to metamorphose our local economies.