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Gargi Guha

Gargi Guha is a hotelier, communications professional and writer. She takes a keen interest in the food, wine and culture of Italy, especially its 500 plus indigenous grape varieties

Truffle hunting in alba, italy

It’s truffle season in Alba

The world capital of white truffles, Alba in Piedmont, Italy, plays host to a number of truffle-centred events every autumn. Autumn in Piedmont is a mosaic of vivid colours. Warm rust, glowing…

Italian rose wines

La vita è rosé

There’s a quiet, pink revolution that is steadily sweeping across the wine horizon. And, it’s all happening in Italy. Sandwiched between the reds and whites, the Italian rosati have always been there. However, long…

Elena fucci wine southern italy

Elena Fucci: One woman. One grape. One wine

The story of a first-generation winemaker, whose wine from the little town of Barile in southern Italy, has made waves across the world. Elena Fucci’s Titolo is a testament to the magic of handcrafted quality.

Sicily food

Sicily’s culinary gems

What better way to explore the unique melting pot of cultures that is Sicily than through its exquisite culinary gems?