India’s newest airline, Akasa Air introduces crew uniform made of recycled marine waste

Snug jacket, black trousers, and sneakers — Akasa Air’s crew uniform is a winner when it comes to offering both comfort and sustainability.

Latest to join India’s aviation industry, Akasa Air is all over the headlines even before launching its first flight. Reason? India’s newest airline is not only all set to take off with the greenest and youngest fleet in the country, but has also recently unveiled the first look of its crew uniform, which is quite unique.

Conveniently ditching the conventional pencil skirts/saris and heels, the airline has picked a fun, practical, and contemporary look. The inflight crew of Akasa Air will sport a snug jacket paired with black trousers and sneakers. Its smart aesthetics isn’t the only thing that makes this ensemble special — the uniform is also eco-friendly, made up of recycled polyester fabric crafted from pet bottle plastic salvaged from marine waste!

Crew uniform of akasa air
The chic and sustainable crew uniform of the newest Indian airline. Image: Courtesy Akasa Air.

Designed by Rajesh Pratap Singh, the crew uniform takes inspiration from the traditional bandh gala design, and is stretchy and breathable enough to ensure comfort during their hectic flight schedules. The sneakers are designed by Vanilla Moon, a homegrown conscious footwear brand. Light and comfortable, they come with extra cushioning to support long hours of movement. In line with Akasa Air’s approach towards sustainability, the sole of the sneakers is carved from recycled rubber and manufactured without any use of plastic.

Describing the inspiration behind the uniform, cofounder Belson Coutinho said, “Employee centricity and sustainability are going to be at the core of everything that we do at Akasa Air. We have designed a uniform in which our team feels both proud and comfortable as they direct their energy to ensure a warm, friendly, and efficient flying experience for all our passengers”.

Akasa air
The airline is all set to take off by the end of July this year. Image: Courtesy Akasa Air.

A perfect amalgamation of style and sustainability, the introduction of the ensemble asserts that if athleisure is good enough for chic airport looks, it surely is good enough for crew uniforms. With this move, Akasa Air has become the first Indian airline to have its crew uniform made from recycled marine waste. The airline welcomed the arrival of the first of its 72 Boeing 737 MAX aircrafts earlier in June this year. Having received its air operator’s permit, it is all set to take over the Indian skies by the end of July 2022.

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