AeroVillage Panheli, India’s first fly-in resort, sends private charters for its guests!

Make a grand entrance in a private charter and wake up to the harmony of nature at AeroVillage Panheli.
Aerovillage panheli
AeroVillage Panheli sprawls across acres of land, surrounded by organic farms and a gold course.

Deep inside the Sahyadri ranges, perched high above the treetops at an altitude of 1,200 feet, is AeroVillage Panheli, India’s first fly-in luxury resort. The newly launched property is a true hidden paradise tucked deep in the secluded Panheli village of Maharashtra, and offers breathtaking views of the sprawling Western Ghats.

Aerovillage panheli
Arrive in style in a private charter!

Arriving at your hotel in a luxury car is passé. The gorgeous resort sends a private charter to fly its guests in from Mumbai, Pune, or Goa, promising a dream welcome experience. Walk into the sophisticated terminal lounge with modern, sleek interiors and enjoy a warm welcome. The stunning property is set against a green blanket of organic farms and a sprawling golf course so expect breathtaking panoramas from every corner.

Aerovillage panheli
The Golf Villas at AeroVillage Panheli feature French windows, allowing ample sunlight and fresh air in.

Sustainably designed and packed with cosy comforts, the rooms here are divided into various categories. With private pools and French windows, Golf Villas overlook the unending views of the golf course. Settle at your private deck with a hot cuppa to enjoy vistas of the majestic Raigad fort in the distance from the comfort of your Fort View Stay.

Soak in the inviting blues of the attached dip pool as you call one of the Nature Hideaways on treetops home. Pick from Paradise Pine Escapes that find a perfect balance between natural outdoors and aesthetically designed indoors, and cosy Poolside Rooms if you are on a workation or simply want some time to yourself.

Aerovillage panheli
Sample local flavours at The Hanger.

AeroVillage Panheli also has on offer aero joyrides, nature trails, hiking treks leading to secret waterfalls, ATV drives, rope courses, jungle safaris, curated organic sojourns. If you wish for more, hop on a fun micro-light airplane and take off to unchartered destinations! Located at the heart of the property, the nine-hole golf course is the perfect place to kick back. Once done, go fruit picking in organic orchards and indulge in a mouth-watering fare at the aesthetically-designed multi-cuisine restaurant, The Hangar.

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