Wellness and the city: The Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai x Atmantan collaboration

Wondering what a luxury hotel and a centre for wellbeing are partnering for? We give you the inside scoop on their newest offering, a five-star Urban Wellness Clinic in Mumbai.

Wellness is big on everyone’s travel wish list these days. And a post-festivities cleanse is also much in demand right now. Which is why, the Atmantan Wellness Centre’s Urban Wellness Clinic at the Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai hits the spot so perfectly.

The 42-acre Atmantan Wellness Centre at Mulshi in Pune has been the hub for wellness for the well-heeled for some time now. But with the increasing interest in wellness, they have decided to curate this ‘wellness holiday’ for Mumbaikars, who prefer not to travel too far.

Atmantan, urban wellness, four seasons, mumbai
The Atmantan Wellness Centre near Pune.

Whether you’re there for the detox or for kickstarting treatment of your lifestyle diseases, this transformational three-day programme, helps you restore physical and emotional balance, be revitalised, and accustom yourself to a more vibrant way of living. With Atmantan’s signature multi-dimensional approach to transformative wellness, you can look forward to lifestyle management consultations with medical experts, restorative treatments, healing nutrient-rich prescribed meals, functional fitness, and more. The unique three nights/four days residential package aims to replenish gut health, reset the system with a gut cleanse, and eliminate toxins to transform your lifestyle.

Atamantan, urban wellness, four seasons, mumbai
Actress Ashna Jhaveri at the Urban Wellness Clinic.


In a chat with Dr Manoj Kutteri, Wellness Director, Atmantan Wellness Centre, we were reassured that any personal health and fitness issues are taken into consideration during the consultation and the elaborate programme is customised to the individual requirements of participants. It’s evident that a lot of care is taken to ensure that the right treatment and therapies are curated for you to enable the start of the best sort of healing and introduction to a healthy lifestyle that is perfectly suited to your needs. This high level of personalisation is dependent on your filling up an extremely detailed health questionnaire even before you check in!

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Days of bliss

A team that includes four doctors, a chef, a yoga guru, a therapist, and a dance/tai chi instructor handhold you through each step of the cleansing journey. You start off with the consultation with their doctors, which sets the stage for all that you will experience over the entire duration of the clinic.

Atamantan, urban wellness, four seasons, mumbai
Morning meditation at Aer.
Atmantan, urban wellness, four seasons, mumbai
Like actress Mandira Bedi, you too can greet the sunrise with a suryanamaskar while enjoying a luxurious stay at the Four Seasons Mumbai.

Each day starts with a curated detox shot of therapeutic juice brought to your plush Superior Room, and Hatha Yoga sun salutations in the energising space of the hotel’s popular al fresco Aer Bar. After this, indulge in a nutritious breakfast, followed by holistic detoxifying therapies and cleansing Yogic kriyas, Taichi sessions, healing lunches and spa cuisine suppers. Wrap up the day with a relaxing Yoga Nidra session or Trataka purification with chanting and meditation that will help you wind down and have a restful restorative sleep.

Those who love the nourishing Buddha bowls and salads served as part of their fine dining vegetarian offerings will get a chance to learn how to recreate them later after attending a scheduled ‘cook like us’ session.

Atamantan, urban wellness, four seasons, mumbai
Carefully crafted wellness cuisine.

Their first such doctor-guided detox programme was conducted end-October and had the likes of actresses Mandira Bedi and Ashna Jhaveri in attendance. The second one starts tomorrow. It’s time to get your zen on.

Atamantan, urban wellness, four seasons, mumbai
Finding the balance of a healthy mind and body in an urban setting.

The Urban Wellness Clinic by Atmantan (UWCA) will be available to all guests at Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai, priced at Rs 52,500 (plus taxes) for single occupancy and Rs 82,500 (plus taxes) for double occupancy.

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