Be at one with nature through these unique experiences in Goa

Going beyond beaches in Goa will unfold before you many of nature’s beautiful secrets.

What do you get if you split up Goa from beaches, booze, and debauchery ? A whole different world of abundant wonders by Mother Nature! The susegad Goan life is incomplete without slowing down and enjoying simple, natural pleasures. Come with us, as we together spend time with nature through some unique experiences in Goa.

3 unique experiences in Goa to come close to nature

Visit a park full of butterflies

Mystic woods has a butterfly park with over 130 species!
Mystic Woods has a butterfly park with over 130 species! Image: Shutterstock/Shane WP Wongperk.

Did you know Goa is home to a butterfly sanctuary, 5 km north of Ponda? With over 130 distinct species of the beautiful creature, Mystic Woods is a conservation project of Butterfly Conservatory of Goa, an NGO dedicated to restoring the green heritage of Western Ghats. Watch butterflies fluttering free over vibrant flowers, gathering nectar, and feeding on juicy fruits amid thick jungle. Experience the slow life taking idle strolls through butterfly park listening to birdsongs, and while at it, explore the museum with fossils and geodes on display, visit the miyawaki-style spice farm, and enjoy sunset views from the rooftop garden.

Float along the Goan backwaters and mangroves

Take a boat ride on the backwaters of goa, snaking through the through mangroves.
Take a boat ride on the backwaters of Goa, snaking through the through mangroves. Image: Shutterstock/Anubhav Raikar.

Often forgotten in favour of more ‘glamourous’ options that the beach state has to offer, the five rivers in Goa — Chapora, Mandovi, Zuari, Sal and Talpona — together keep safe wildlife, mangroves, and tranquillity. The backwaters, hence, hold the key to an unadulterated Goan experience. Believe me when I say, you will be truly surprised with the peace and serenity that the surrounding mangroves have to offer. Glide in a boat or kayak snaking your way through the calm waters, spot a croc, or tag along the local fishermen to catch crabs using a homemade kobblem (netted trap).

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Meet up with the wilds

Mhadei wildlife sanctuary is home to many rare and common wild animals.
Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is home to many rare and common wild animals. Image: Shutterstock/Alex Erofeenkov.

If spotting a crocodile or two in the mangroves wasn’t enough, there’s a full-fledged forested estate where you can go to spot wildlife! Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is home to misty mountains, cascading falls, and a range of exotic wild animals. Enjoy a smooth ride with breathtaking views of Chorla Ghat, as you drive along the road leading you to the Valpoi village in North Goa. Right next to it stands the sanctuary known for the recent spotting of Bengal tigers within its area of 208 sq km. Sight rare as well as common animals including tigers, black-faced langurs, leopards, wild boards, deer, sloth bears, giant squirrels, and more. There are also over a thousand species of flowering plants that are found here including rare and endemic orchids.

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