Tripura is now home to India’s first bamboo park!

Making the most of its abundant natural wealth, Tripura has opened doors to India’s first bamboo park, in a move to boost eco-tourism.
Tripura | tripura is home to 21 bamboo species.
Tripura is home to 21 bamboo species. Image: Shutterstock/Shuttertong.

Having earned the sobriquet of the ‘green gold’ of Northeast India, bamboo has been intrinsic to the lives of natives in Tripura for centuries. The state government, hence, has launched a first-of-its-kind bamboo park, as a part of its Tripura Bamboo Mission.

Sprawling across 64 acres, the park is nestled in Katlamara, 20 km west of the capital city Agartala, along the India-Bangladesh border. The initiative aims at celebrating the native evergreen plant and symbolises the importance of making use of local resources in developing sustainable locales and livelihoods. With conservation and eco-tourism at its heart, the park boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure and bashgram, a multi-purpose bamboo village.

Tripura | the newly opened bamboo park has cottages, tree houses, yoga centre, and more.
The newly opened bamboo park has cottages, tree houses, yoga centre, and more. Image: Shutterstock/Shikhaa.

Developed by architect Manna Roy, the nine-acre village features rustic cottages, a yoga centre, playground, serene ponds, a long bridge and winding pathways, along with 14 different species of bamboo, attracting nature lovers and yoga enthusiasts alike. Spend your time taking idle strolls through the verdurous expanse and climbing up the watchtower for breathtaking panoramic views. What’s more? There’s also a museum coming up soon that will educate visitors on the old, endangered, and obsolete items made of bamboo.

With almost half of its land covered with evergreen deciduous forests, Tripura is an upcoming eco-tourism hub. The bamboo-rich state has been focussing on creating opportunities for local artisans that go beyond basketry, from developing the world’s first bamboo cricket bat to the bamboo leaf tea and rice!

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