Where to travel in 2022? Let the stars guide you

Your zodiac sign lets on a lot more than you would care to reveal. We divine the charts to craft your next travel tale.
Travel, zodiac, sun sign

Each of the 12 signs of the zodiac is said to have its own personality type, likes and dislikes. And while we often read about how they manifest in our love life and career, they can also impact our travel plans! Here’s a look at what’s on the travel cards for you this year…

Travel, zodiac, sun sign
Time for you to travel in 2022? Let’s see what the Zodiac holds in store. Image: Shutterstock/Viacheslav Lopatin.

Aries (March 21 April 19)

Travel style: Challenge is everything in life for you and when it comes to travel, you direct your energy and passion towards discovering new places and boldly go where no one has gone before. Scoring a few brag points does float your boat, after all.

In 2022: The intrepid traveller in you will want to strike out to the most secluded spot that’s serene yet full of adventure.

TD Suggests: Lesser-known places in Ladakh such as the heart-shaped  Mirpal Tso, near the Kaksang La pass (the eighth highest motorable road in the world).

Travel, zodiac, sun sign
An Aries yen for the unattainable? Try getting to Mirpal Tso in Ladakh! Image: Shutterstock/Dilchaspiyaan.

Taurus (April 20 May 20)

Travel style: As someone who really appreciates life’s finer things, you like to holiday in luxury, preferably somewhere familiar and reliable, just like you. And, earthy as you are, if you can do something that’s on a ‘most exclusive’ list, it will certainly put you in a good mood!

In 2022: Staying safe and comfortable in a plush private villa will be your thing, with the added bonus of attending the opera or an exquisite wine tasting.

TD Suggests: Sydney, in Australia, offers you all the bells and whistles you enjoy along with the quintessential easy Ozzie charm.

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Travel, zodiac, sun sign
A Taurean love for luxe? Sydney beckons. Image: Shutterstock/Andy Tam.

Gemini (May 21 June 20)

Travel style: You love people and places and interactive travel that gives you a lot of food for thought. Flitting about from one sight to another, soaking in information and atmosphere meets your travel goals best. And if you can share some of your insights with the locals as well, then you consider your trip truly successful!

In 2022: The communicator in you has missed conversations and experiences, so the first chance you get this year, you’ll want to travel somewhere that you can relax in a café or be stimulated by an interesting class.

TD Suggests: You can’t go wrong with the beaches of Goa, where you’re bound to meet someone you know and also to make new friends on the go!

Travel, zodiac, sun sign
Typical Gemini bonhomie? Check out Goa’s gregarious charm. Image: Shutterstock/wavebreakmedia.

Cancer (June 21 July 22)

Travel style: The perfect mix of sensitive and sensible, travel for you has to be meaningful and feel like home. The trend of slow, thoughtful travel suits you perfectly, as you want to get to know a destination properly, being a traveller not a tourist. Only sometimes you forget to snap out of this contemplative mode once you’re back into the grind!

In 2022: You’ll want to pick a place that gives you immense peace. Somewhere you could perhaps volunteer to help others. And, as always, somewhere you can leisurely shop for authentic artisanal objects d’art that you can bring back to adorn your home.

TD Suggests: A visit to the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage in the forests of Sri Lanka would be the perfect pick for you, with the charming simplicity of its homestay and the opportunity to volunteer to care for the darling elephants.

Travel, zodiac, sun sign
Giving back is as much fun for a Cancerian as going on a holiday! These pachyderms at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage will steal your heart. Image: Shutterstock/Thomas Wyness.

Leo (July 23 August 22)

Travel style: You like painting your vacations on a large canvas, with lots of local colour. The perfect palette- and palate-pleasing journey for you includes diverse options and a richness of experience. Even better if you come back with wild stories of your journey to regale your admiring social circle with!

In 2022: You’ll want to head somewhere daring but with many avenues for fun to keep you entertained.

TD Suggests: Head to Jaipur in Rajasthan to enjoy everything from historic forts to colourful dances and stylish parties to hot-air balloon rides over the pink city.

Travel, zodiac, sun sign
Big, bright and beautiful. Jaipur is just the right spot for Leonine personalities. Image: Shutterstock/Phuong D Nguyen.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Travel style: In your daily life, you’re all about making a difference to the world with your diligence and attention to detail. But when you travel, you enjoy some well-earned pampering and ‘me time’ in a new-on-the-radar destination. Of course, you also enjoy telling your friends about your discoveries once you’re home!

In 2022: A sojourn that’s equal parts indulgent and immersive will appeal to you the most, as you have been working hard and deserve some down time.

TD Suggests: Rejuvenate in Karlovy Vary, Czechia’s most famous and picturesque spa town, which is also home to a cutting-edge film festival every July.

Travel, zodiac, sun sign
The virtues of the off-the-beaten-track Karlovy Vary will appeal to Virgos. Image: Shutterstock/Anton Ivanov.

Libra (September 23 October 22)

Travel style: Anywhere that is brimming over with beauty, be it natural or manmade, and harmony, gives you joy. But all for balance, you love a destination that offers a smorgasbord of experiences – adventure, good food, cultural wealth and intellectual stimulation. Some place that’s good for social media is a big plus as well!

In 2022: This year, you’ll want to escape the dreariness of the pandemic and go somewhere filled with sunshine and bright colours.

TD Suggests: We’re sure that you’ll find Provence in France a delicious destination in every possible way. From fresh and flavourful Provençal cuisine to highly Instagrammable lavender fields. And then, of course, the ancient port of Marseille, from where you can take home some delicious lavender-scented savon de Marseilles (soap), like we did.

Travel, zodiac, sun sign
Beauty for all the senses in the highly Instagrammable lavender fields of Provence’s Valensole plateau will delight Librans! Image: Shutterstock/Olga Klochanko.

Scorpio (October 23 November 21)

Travel style: You are drawn to the deep and mysterious even when it comes to travel. Not for you the tame, tried and tested tourist hotspots. You like to explore something unique and to do it in depth. So what if you lose yourself in the process now and then too!

In 2022: You’ll crave the atmospherics of the mountains, with whispering evergreens and echoing valleys for company. A crumbling colonial ruin or a haunted hotel might make the experience complete.

TD Suggests: Stay at the Savoy Hotel in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, which is said to be haunted by the ghost of a Lady Garnet Orme, who apparently died in a very Agatha Christiesque manner, consuming strychnine that was added to her medicine. The hotel staff pooh-poohs such old wives’ tales, but you can relish the mystery while you also enjoy the atmosphere of the deep pine forests, colonial bungalows, and mist-laced trails winding into the valleys.

Travel, zodiac, sun sign
Scorpios will surely savour the mist-shrouded mystique of Mussoorie. Image: Shutterstock/Peppy Graphics.

Sagittarius (November 22 December 21)

Travel style: The most free-wheeling wanderer of the zodiac, you’re a traveller at heart, allowing your imagination to soar even when you’re bound to a desk! When you do travel, you dislike set itineraries, preferring to go where the mood takes you. Of course, since it’s often your way or the highway, solo travel might be the best way to go!

In 2022: All you want to do is fly free. And especially now, what with all the lockdowns, your wanderlust is rising like never before. You don’t want to be trapped in a private villa, however plush, or to be hemmed in by a hundred other tourists at a scenic sight.   

TD Suggests: A road trip to the Rann of Kutch and around the region in Gujarat would be just the thing for you right now. Open roads, tented stays, wide expanses of the salt desert and the Indian wild ass sanctuary. Nothing between you and the sky except your own lofty thoughts!

Travel, zodiac, sun sign
The expansive Rann of Kutch will free the Sagittarian spirit. Image: Shutterstock/Ketan Vikamsey.

Capricorn (December 22 January 19)

Travel style: A sign that takes travelling quite seriously, you certainly know how to squeeze the most out of a trip! Not for you the vacant art of lying on a beach. You executed your itinerary to perfection so that you have not only sampled all the delights, tried out everything different, and even understood what makes the locals tick. Your co-travellers might just need a vacation after this vacation!

In 2022: You’re looking for a multi-dimensional holiday that matches your multi-faceted mind. After the empty confines of the pandemic, you want something that’s active both mentally and physically, which will uplift your spirits and fill your mind palace with interesting memories.  

TD Suggests: Our pick for you is Vienna in Austria, which will give you the best cafes, some fabulous museums, music performances, heritage city wanders as well as accessible day hikes like the Raxalpe West Plateau loop trail and Fadensteig and Schauerstein circuit into the Vienna mountains nearby.

Vienna presents many fascinating aspects for the experience-hungry Capricorn. Image: Shutterstock/FootToo.

Aquarius (January 20 February 18)

Travel style: Ever the rebel with a cause, you like to travel to the most outrageous places to satisfy your curiosity as much as your wanderlust. And if you’re able to do some good while you’re at it, all the better. But once you think you’ve discovered all there is to discover about a destination, you’ll quickly move on to the next voyage of discovery!

In 2022: You’ve analysed everything you possibly could in the vicinity and now the rest of the world beckons. You don’t care so much about creature comforts. The vacay you really want is actually a deep dive into something fresh, creative, and totally unfamiliar.  

TD Suggests: A journey through Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka in Japan will allow you to wrap your mind around cutting-edge design and technology, appreciate the quirkiness of everything cool and new, even as you slow down to understand the centuries of tradition and history behind the country’s deep-rooted culture.  

Travel, zodiac, sun sign
The easy juxtapostion of the old and the new in Tokyo will intrigue the Aquarian. Image: Shutterstock/Sean Pavone.

Pisces (February 19 March 20)

Travel style: The sensitive spirit who seeks solace in all things spiritual as well as sensual, you also have a penchant for pampering. You like to seek out the poetic in any place and a little bit of whimsy adds oodles of oomph to any holiday for you. Your co-travellers may need a little bit of patience each time you stop to smell the flowers, but you do know how to make a vacay magical!

In 2022: You’ve been feeling like a fish out of water in the midst of the pandemic and want to swim away to more serene locales. Someplace relaxing and soothing is what you seek right now.

TD Suggests: A getaway to a meditative destination that allows you to soak in luxury while you ponder peace would be the perfect choice for you. We recommend Krabi in Thailand, where there are powerful centres for meditation as within easy reach as the most luxurious beachfront resorts with splendid spa therapists at your service.

Travel, zodiac, sun sign
Krabi’s tranquil beauty will give Piscean seekers the mindful magic they hope for. Image: Shutterstock/Day2505.

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