Scotland’s marketing campaign invites travellers back to their beautiful country

On July 15, Scotland launched  an emotive film that takes you on a virtual tour—from the scenic countryside to its gentle glens that are “narrower than a strath”, its underrated beaches and cliffs, the stories from the past embedded in its castles and to its coastal seascapes—every landscape of the country that the Scottish people are mighty proud of.

The Highlands Stretches From Fort William In The West, Right Up The Coast By Skye.
The Highlands stretches from Fort William in the west, right up the coast by Skye.

It marked the day on which Scotland began its most significant relaxation of coronavirus measures since the country went into lockdown in March. The government has allowed hairdressers and barbers, bars and restaurants, cinemas, tourist attractions and places of worship to open.

Scotland Has Opened Up Its Museums And Art Galleries To Travellers After A Four Month Long Lockdown. Aberdeen Art Gallery
Scotland has opened up its museums and art galleries to travellers after a four month long lockdown. Photograph: Aberdeen Art Gallery

It has also opened up the tourism sector, first for its citizens but later this month, for global travellers too. Global travellers will be expected to provide their health reports, their details and also quarantine, if necessary.

Nicola Sturgeon Of The Scottish National Party And First Minister Of Scotland Called It The “biggest Step So Far” In Exiting Lockdown.
Nicola Sturgeon of the Scottish National Party and first minister of Scotland called it the “biggest step so far” in exiting lockdown.
Why does Scotland need you?

That is what the film is called. For it, the team met an entire range of artists, art gallerists, travel companies, farms and restaurateurs—from Alex at Aberdeen Art Gallery to Andy at Dirt School Mountain Bike Coaching, Scottish Borders to Manny from Sleeperz Hotel, Dundee—to talk about what Scotland means to them. The campaign has one clear message: “Only in Scotland can travelling so little make such a big difference.”

Castles Embedded With Stories Of The Past Are Now Open To Tourists.
Castles embedded with stories of the past are now open to tourists.

Visit Scotland’s marketing activity, with the campaign at its core, will adopt a phased approach to ensure that tourism businesses can open with the support of local communities, and still keep the safety of staff and visitors at the heart of the campaign.

Vicki Miller, Director Of Marketing, Visitscotland
Vicki Miller, Director of Marketing, VisitScotland

Vicki Miller, Director of Marketing, VisitScotland, says,“This film celebrates the huge variety of activities we have right across the country. Alongside this though, we must respect that tourism might not look the same as before, but the warm Scottish welcome remains. We ask that people follow the recommended guidelines, book in advance and respect the local communities so there’s something to enjoy for everyone.”