Now get Social, at Dadar!

Impresario Handmade Restaurants’ Social is now in the heart of Mumbai — Dadar. With —obviously — a massive social media blitzkrieg, Social’s latest outpost needs to be your next hangout.


Social at dadar
Impresario’s brand Social has launched its latest outlet at Mumbai’s Dadar, creating a social media frenzy, and lining up patrons at its doors. Image: Courtesy Social, Dadar.


It’s always exciting when brand Social announces a new launch… And when it came to their 35th outpost, the excitement of their fans in Mumbai knew no bounds. After all, this one was going to be in the very heart of the city — Dadar — a Maharashtrian stronghold and the nerve centre of the local railway lines that criss-cross here and connect people from different parts of the state and country. Much like Social, which lives up to its name by offering patrons a cheerful place to bond over chilled drinks, hot food, and warm conversations.


As Social as it gets

Social is known for putting an experimental spin on classic dishes, so going through the menu is always like embarking on a culinary expedition. The outlet is serving up all Social essentials, including their version of Dadar’s Vada Pao —the Vada Pao Bao — along with all-time favourite Social drinks like the LLIIT, Thai Malish, and Aacharoska. But the most eye-catching of all is Social Cinema, an ode to the movie heritage of Dadar.


Aacharoska at social, dadar
One of Social’s all-time favourite drinks, Aacharoska, will have you ordering multiple rounds. Image: Courtesy Social, Dadar.

Days before its doors were officially declared open, social media (there’s really no escaping that word in contemporary times!) was abuzz with teaser posts, tantalizing videos, and contest alerts. Said the first, “We’re writing a love letter to Mumbai and sealing it with our newest outlet! Guess where we’re headed next to stand a chance to win an invite to the newest Social.”

Then came the reveal, “Pudhil station Dadar! The Social Train is on its way, get ready for a ride you’ll never forget. Stay tuned, full video dropping soon!”

The video captured the essence of neighbourhoods brimming with old-world charm and streets buzzing with new life — from colourful flower markets to the smiling faces of people around every corner, ending with, “Aala re aala, Dadar Social aala!”


Social at dadar, mumbai


Social captures the essence of Mumbai’s Dadar and is a welcome entrant in the city’s eat-scape. Image: Courtesy Social, Dadar.

Finally, there was this epic contest alert, “Dadar manjhe_____? Tell us what Dadar means to you and stand a chance to win an invite to the Dadar Social launch event.” (The winning response was, Dadar manjhe train khali aani seat sapadli.)


Social is Dadar’s own melting pot

Anyone familiar with Aamchi Mumbai knows that Dadar is the quintessential intersection of tradition and modernity —and that is fittingly reflected in the interiors of this outpost located in Kohinoor Square —a modern edifice that rises (literally) from the ashes of an old, defunct textile mill.


Social at kohinoor square, dadar


At Dadar’s Kohinoor Square, Social is the perfect venue for conversations and more. Image: Courtesy Social, Dadar.

On the opening night, lucky contest winners and invited guests were treated to an array of specials, among which we found the Bombil Tacos, Watermelon vs Feta Salad, Vada Chaat, Chicken Sausage Fries, and Mutton Ghee Roast on Croissant Paratha extra special. Dadar Social is also debuting new cutlery which features quirky one-liners that are sure to induce a chuckle.

The seating is spread across multiple zones, each one paying tribute to the evergreen soul of Dadar. Inspired by the Mitramandal theme, the first one is a high-energy space with a small performance area and modern twists on old-world charm. You can’t miss the nostalgic detailing on the carrom board tables, linen curtains, or dimly-lit lamps draped with handkerchiefs.


Social at dadar


Past or present, Dadar’s Social is an easy amalgamation of both.
Image: Courtesy Social, Dadar.

A ‘minimal intervention and maximum upcycling’ theme has been maintained in the decor, which has 100 per cent recycled/upcycled furniture.  The upper level, with its wide balcony, also offers patrons a peep into the past. At dusk, it transforms into a high-energy bar complete with a DJ console.

High ceilings and chequered floors inspired by the Art Deco movement characterize the next section. Look out for seating options similar to the local restaurants of Dadar. Designed to take you to the sidewalks of Shivaji Park with a tapri-like setup and rocking chairs, the smoking room brings back elements from Dadar’s unforgettable landmarks. Finally, the reading and community space decorated with a photo wall pays homage to the people and places in and around Dadar.

 Dadar is Social

Capturing Dadar culture that’s nothing less than a juxtaposition of greenery and high rises, traditional values and modern mindsets, is something that Social has succeeded in doing with this new outpost.

Speaking of the launch, Riyaaz Amlani, CEO and MD, Impresario Handmade Restaurants, said, “Twenty years ago, we started off with a single cafe. Now, after 20 years, Impresario Handmade Restaurants can be found in most parts of the country. Each outpost is unique in its own way, inspired by the spirit of its neighbourhood. Being a Mumbaikar, I’ve seen Dadar transform over the decades. From witnessing humble beginnings to seeing spaces and people making it big, I’ve met people from all walks of life in this busy place. It doesn’t matter if they are old buddies, just friends or more than that, Dadar Social opens its doors to all these amazing people and invites them to come together and celebrate life — here at the lifeline of Mumbai.”


Riyaaz amlani at social, dadar


For Riyaaz Amlani, CEO and MD, Impresario Handmade Restaurants, Social and Dadar are synonymous — the lifelines of Mumbai. Image: Courtesy Social, Dadar.

Mayank Bhatt, Business Head, Social, said, “Dadar was missing a space where people can come together to work, drink, and just have a great time. We believe that Social is that missing piece. Our outpost is inspired by the spirit of Dadar and aims to give its residents a space where they belong.”

Indeed, the best thing about Social is that it makes Dadar a cool place for the hottest folk to hang out and be seen. Here, the Marathi manoos and Maharashtrian food are rendered hip and happening.

As the promos would say, “Aata Kasa Vat’tay? #DadarGetsSocial.” We say, Social gets Dadar!


20 and counting

The first launch after Impresario turned 20, some of the social media buzz surrounding Dadar Social was about iM20 – the delicious dishes that made it to their 20-year menu, also being launched and available at all outlets.

Food fiesta
Watermelon vs Feta Salad (The Tasting Room, circa 2009)
Naga Chilli Cheese Toast (Social, circa 2014)
Mutton Baida Roti (Social, circa 2014)
The Baconator (Smoke House Deli, circa 2009)
Death Wings (Social, circa 2014)
Red Thai Curry Maggi (Mocha, circa 2003)
Boss Style Spaghetti (Smoke House Deli, circa 2009)
Black Label Butter Chicken (Social, circa 2017)
Tenderloin Shitake (Salt Water Grill, circa 2004)


Aacharoska (Social, circa 2014)
Watermelon Martini (Smoke House Deli, circa 2011)
Melon Sangria (Salt Water Grill, circa 2009)
Dawa Daaru (Social, circa 2014)
The Stealth B-52 (Smoke House Room, circa 2010)
LLIIT (Social, circa 2014)


Social ferrero


Indulge your dessert cravings with the Ferrero Rocher Shake at Social. Image: Courtesy Social, Dadar.


Delectable desserts
Chocolate Avalanche (Mocha, circa 2002)
Oreo Mud Pot Shake (Social, circa 2014)
Mocha Shake (Mocha, circa 2001)