Here’s how you can see Northern Lights in New York City this month!

Arrive at the Edge in NYC to witness a special light show called Skylight inspired by the fascinating Northern Lights.
The stunning skyline of the big apple. Image: shutterstock/pisaphotography.
The stunning skyline of the Big Apple. Image: Shutterstock/pisaphotography.

Northern Lights in New York City — sounds like a dream, right? Well, if you happen to be in NYC this March, you can make this dream come true by heading to the Edge. The popular skyscraper in Hudson Yards is currently hosting an immersive experience called Skylight which is inviting guests to experience the fascinating aurora borealis aka Northern Lights.

Illuminating the highest outdoor observation deck located in the 1,131-foot building, Skylight offers to let you enjoy the Northern Lights-inspired experience where you can walk into the dramatic dancing waves of light against the glittering skyline of the Big Apple.

The outdoor observation deck at the edge. Image: courtesy the edge. | northern lights in new york city
The outdoor observation deck at the Edge. Image: Courtesy the Edge.

The show uses revolutionary lighting technology to create dramatic illustrations in the sky. The elevator at the building takes you to the 100th floor in less than a minute, and the glass-floored deck offers the best views! Surreal, right?

The show is held on allotted days at 7pm, and lasts for 20 minutes, followed by a 45 minute-break. Guests can enjoy themed food and delicious drinks at the Edge Bar and can step into a large-scale cloud display on the indoor deck for a sky-high selfie! Book tickets here.

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