Confidence in herself can help a woman sail through any problem: Munnmunn Marwah

Chief Operating Officer of Think Strawberries, the destination branding and marketing expert believes that self-awareness and self-confidence are the prerequisites for success in any field.

Munnmunn Marwah, who is Chief Operating Officer of Think Strawberries, leads a 34-strong team that shapes brand identities for countries, travel boards, and resorts, and helps to create buzz around them. With over 25 years of experience working across the travel industry (hotels, airlines, cruise liners, travel technology, and market representation), she feels she’s had learnings and excitement at every turn and gained a holistic understanding of the sector.

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Marwah’s leadership style is a mix of empathy and practicality.

One of the reasons she is at the position where she is in today is because her boss recognises, that as a woman, she is able to drive more value to the entire team. “A capable leader is one who is flexible, and also sensitive not just to their team’s professional but their personal issues as well and that’s what I continue to strive for,” says Marwah. When asked whether she’s ever faced gender discrimination, she says these are problems that women the world over encounter. There are many examples. “Even if you’re capable and have all the experience required, which may be at par with your colleagues, sometimes you realise that your salaries or perks don’t match because they feel that women can manage as they have husbands or a support system so you can compromise there or force them to adjust. These are things that all of us face at some point in our career and I have also been through that,” she admits.

Dealing with issues with equanimity and poise is essential. “You should be confident in who you are. And you should never let anyone impact you with their comments. Confidence in themselves is the utmost thing for any woman to sail through any problem,” she emphasises.

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