A peek into Carrie Bradshaw’s NYC apartment and 5 other popular Airbnb rentals!

These popular Airbnb rentals will make you want to pack your bags and check in right away!

The world lost its calm earlier this month when Airbnb decided to list a recreation of Sex and the City‘s protagonist Carrie Bradshaw’s glam NYC apartment, that too for just US$23 (₹1,712) a night! A virtual greet upon check-in from actress Sarah Jessica Parker herself, complimentary cosmos to sip on, Bradshaw’s iconic blue walk-in closet to explore, a styling session and photoshoot, her laptop and cordless phone from the 2000s to fiddle with — everything at the staged home was an ode to the show’s 23-year-long journey. But just like any other good thing, this one too came with a catch. The fictional brownstone apartment was available as an Airbnb rental for SATC fans for just two days as a promotional gig to the show’s upcoming HBO revival, And Just Like That…

Popular airbnb rentals
Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie Bradshaw in her apartment. Image: Courtesy Airbnb/Kate Glicksberg.
Popular airbnb rentals
A dream-come-true for SATC fans! Image: Courtesy Airbnb/Kate Glicksberg.
Popular airbnb rentals
Nobody knows fashion better than Bradshaw, right? Image: Courtesy Airbnb/Kate Glicksberg.

Now, while you may have missed the boat to experience what it would feel like to be in Carrie Bradshaw’s err…stilettos, you can still live the dream of renting out a house that belongs to a celebrity you adore, or a place that was once home to a character from your all-time favourite movie. Check out our list of the most popular Airbnb rentals that you can call home!

5 famous Airbnb rentals to book on your next vacation!

Daddy Yankee’s home in Puerto Rico

Popular airbnb rentals
The pool pavilion is the perfect space to unwind. Image: Courtesy Airbnb/Raquel Perez Puig.
Popular airbnb rentals
The swanky living room at Daddy Yankee’s Airbnb. Image: Courtesy Airbnb/Raquel Perez Puig.

Reggaeton fans, rejoice! Superstar Daddy Yankee’s has opened his vibrant Puerto Rican home for six lucky fans. Teaming up with the rental giant, the rapper is offering three different one-night stays for up to two guests each at his house in Luquillo, a town in the northeast part of the island, located near El Yunque National Forest. Available at only US$85 (₹6,339) a night — a reference to 85 hit singles by the Gasolina star — the residence is designed by Stewart Rodriguez, featuring psychedelic walls, a pool table adorned with the Puerto Rican flag, plaques commemorating Yankee’s achievements, a volleyball court, swimming pool with a dedicated pavilion featuring inflatable furniture and macramé hammock, and more!  The profits from the Airbnb experience will go to ProTechos, an organisation that is working to help rebuild the island in the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017. The booking starts on December 6 2021, and guests can make a reservation for guests can reserve December 13, 15, or 17.

Harry Potter’s cottage in Lavenham for Potterheads

Popular airbnb rentals
Remember the Potter Cottage from Godric’s Hollow? Image: Courtesy Airbnb.
Popular airbnb rentals
Arrive here to reminisce of the Potter world! Image: Courtesy Airbnb.

No, Hogwarts is still not taking applications, people. However, Potterheads can live their life-long dream of being a part of the Harry Potter fantasy by spending a night or two at De Vere House. Better known as Potter Cottage located in the Godric’s Hollow in the wizards’ world, the magical Suffolk Airbnb  in Lavenham is just an hour’s drive from Cambridge. It is the second most photographed doorway in the whole UK, after 10 Downing Street. This is where little Harry was scarred by Voldemort when he killed both his parents. As ghastly as this may sound to a muggle, Potterheads sure know what it would mean to sleep in one of the property’s four-poster en-suite bedrooms and be treated with complimentary breakfast the morning after. Or book the Luxury Package that includes a three-course meal, the chance to meet Hedwig, the owl (Harry’s very own), a village tour and a relaxing session at Lavenham Luxury Spa.

Spice World: The Movie’s tour bus on Isle of Wight

Popular airbnb rentals
Who can forget the epic Union Jack bus tour from Spice World! Image: Courtesy Airbnb.
Popular airbnb rentals
Look at those popping colours! Image: Courtesy Airbnb.

If you have binged on the Spice World movie, chances are you remember the tour bus that was like a second home to the Spice Girls. While the bus retains its epic Union Jack exteriors, the interior has had a stylish makeover and is now transformed into a two-floor home with bold styles and vibrant decor, overlooking Island Harbour Marnia in Isle of Wight. There is also a separate dressing room area, complete with rail and dressing table — perfect for Spice Girl-inspired makeovers! It will cost you £195 (₹19,490) a night.

Bella Swan’s family home near Poland for Twilight fans

Popular airbnb rentals
The Swan House is a big hit among Airbnb rentals. Image: Courtesy Airbnb.
Popular airbnb rentals
Bella’s bedroom from the Twilight series. Image: Courtesy Airbnb.

Bella Swan’s 1930s family home may have looked straight out of a gloomy Halloween dream (or nightmare?), in real life, it is actually a charming cottage situated in a quiet neighbourhood in downtown Saint Helens, within walking distance to the historic riverfront. A short drive from Portland, the house features almost every main feature from the film, including the vintage green kitchen, Bella’s bedroom, and even the ‘lookout’ room from where Bella looks out at Edward. There’s even a ‘Jacob Black Guest Room’ downstairs if you are a fan of the lead werewolf, instead of belonging to Team Edward. But mind you, the famous Swan House is currently accepting bookings 12 months in advance, so you’d have to wait a long time before you get to step inside Bella’s world.

Avenger Tony Stark’s lakeside cabin in Georgia

Avengers 2
You will love this cabin 3000! Image: Courtesy Airbnb.

Remember the home in Avengers: Endgame where Tony Stark, played by the ever-so-amazing Robert Downey Junior, has the heart-melting “I love you 3000” moment with his daughter? Well, the beautiful lakeside cabin located on Bouckaert Farm, a 2,000-acre Equestrian estate in Georgia, can be your home for under £600 (₹59,945) a night. With lake access and action-packed experiences like hiking and horse riding on offer, the four-bedroom property is home to some of the iconic movie sets and even has a yard. The entire star-studded cast from the superhero movie, including Mark Ruffalo, Tom Holland, Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth, have filmed here to Marvel fans totally put it on their bucket list!

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