TD Travelista: Make athleisure work while you vacay!

Sporty need not mean casual, and athletic can be girly too. When you’re travelling, athleisure can be the best choice, whether you’re lounging around a villa or hitting the local party circuit!

If you have been bitten by the travel bug, you are not alone. A wanderlust heart beats within our chest as well. The thrill of visiting a new place, exploring heritage and modern sites, tasting different cuisines, and learning about another culture are some of life’s most cherished and joyous moments.

However, as much as we love to travel, travelling sometimes can be exhausting and uncomfortable. There is not enough legroom, the car rides are long, and the journey has its share of ups and downs. With so much already going on, the last thing you need is your outfit to add to your discomfort. Now, this is something we can help you with. For starters, your travel outfits must be equal parts comfortable and stylish. Something that is functional, breathable and gives you the freedom to move but also chic and attractive.

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Fashion was never this comfortable! Images: Courtesy HRX.

Wondering where exactly will you find clothes that tick all these requirements? Easy! Start with your wardrobe and head straight for activewear and athleisure pieces. These multipurpose garments have been designed to perform different activities, provide maximum comfort, and look good at all times.

Whether you are travelling from one continent to another by plane or driving across state lines or exploring a new city on foot, we’ve rounded up the best athleisure pieces that will make perfect travel ensembles.


T-shirts have cemented their status as the go-to garment for most of us. From the classic white tee to evergreen colourful stripes and from statement prints to quirky motifs, a t-shirt is everyone’s wardrobe staple — man or woman. You can dress it up, down and style the same t-shirt in different ways, and wear it to several occasions or destinations. Plus, it is lightweight and often wrinkle-resistant, making it an ideal garment to carry with you on your trips and vacations. Whether running or relaxing, you can’t go wrong with a tee.

Travel: To catch a flight, tuck a solid colour tee into a pair of jeans, layer with a light jacket and complete the look with sneakers. A gender-fluid look that anyone can pull off.

Casual: Hitting the local bazaar for shopping? Wear a striped tee under a slip dress, carry a canvas tote and don oversized sunglasses.

Dressy: For a date night, she can wear a cropped tee with a pleated printed skirt while he can pair a polo-style t-shirt with tailored shorts and loafers. 

Travel fashion, fashion, athleisure
Athleisure can now take you from airports to night clubs and almost everything in between. Image: Shutterstock/StevenK.


Joggers are the new and improved updated version of sweatpants. They may seem overly casual, but you can style them in different ways and create a variety of looks with them. One of the most popular activewear and athleisure pieces, this one is a hot favourite among fashion lovers. With a wide array of styles and fabrics to choose from, there is a jogger for every day of the week.

Travel: He can pair a dark-coloured jogger with a sleeveless hoodie, and she can opt for the same with a printed tee. Throw on running sneakers and you both are ready for a road trip or weekend getaway.

Casual: For lunch, opt for a tie-dye or pastel shade piece and wear it with a tank top, pumps and cross-body bag. Add a denim jacket for a more polished look.

Dressy: Hit the dance floor in sequin or metallic finish joggers, halter top and cuff bracelet. For an 80s feel, curl your hair or style it in a side ponytail.

Travel fashion, fashion, athleisure
Whether you go with classic sporty, luxe chic, or punchy prints, tracks look trendy. Images: Courtesy HRX.

Track Jacket

The current range of track jackets are sleek, sophisticated, and stylish. From sustainable fabrics to innovative fits and from trendy designs to eye-catching colours and detailing, these jackets offer you high functionality without compromising on style and comfort.

Travel: Instead of the basic black and greys, layer a pair of shorts and a tank with a colour-block jacket and sandals. Swap the sandals with sneakers if you plan to do part of your journey on foot.

Casual: For a street-style vibe, pair a colourful track jacket with a midi dress and sneakers. Trade the sneakers with mules for a more elegant evening look.

Dressy: Party plans for the night? Add a jacket with a metallic accent over a bodycon dress, stilettoes and accessorise with a sling bag and hoop earrings.

Sports Bra

There is no denying that some pieces in your wardrobe are versatile and can be worn in more than one way. The sports bra is one of them. You can style it as a top and give it your very own spin to it. Whether you’re working out in this piece or heading to work in it — get creative and incorporate sports bras into your different looks.

Travel: A sports bra in a pretty colour paired with denim co-ords is stylish and at the same time comfortable. For a laid-back travel outfit, pair off the look with ballet flats and a mini shoulder bag.

Casual: The right jacket can elevate any look. Pair a sports bra with high-waisted flared jeans, a cropped jacket, and a few pendant chains for a lunch meeting.

Dressy: A sports bra beneath a mesh or lacy top is a perfect cover-up. Mix different types of texture to build on the outfit’s overall look. You can pair up mesh items with a silk dress or satin skirt for a girls’ night out. Add an embellished hairband for extra impact.

Travel fashion, fashion, athleisure
Kicks add the right touch to an athleisure ensemble. Image: Courtesy HRX.


No activewear and athleisure edit is complete without sneakers. Whether you wear them while working out or while running errands or for a party, sneakers are adaptable all-rounders, that will get you through any season, occasion, and destination. Between slip-on, high top, chunky, platform and athletic, the right pair will take you places, literally!

Travel: Pair classic sneakers with oversized pants and a tank top. This outfit is comfortable and manages to look chic while requiring minimal effort on your part. Add a shoulder bag, sunglasses and a few bracelets and you are good to go.

Casual: Shorts are the ideal in-between piece when you want a look that is casual but well-put. For him, pair high-top sneakers with a hoodie and linen shorts and for her, go with platform sneakers and a sports bra. Layer it with a track jacket and you got yourself the ultimate cool-girl/cool-guy outfit.

Dressy: Bring out your tulle party skirt and a cute top and pair it with your most posh pair of sneakers. Oh, and feel free to add some sparkly baubles to make a dazzling statement.

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