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Vikram Achanta is founder and CEO of Tulleeho, a drinks training and consulting firm, and a co-founder of www.tulleeho.com, a drinks website. He is also co-founder of 30 Best Bars India, India’s first bar awards and ranking platform. His Instagram handle is @rumdoodle69.

Terai copper pot still

Matters of the spirit: What’s brewing in Rajasthan

Rajasthan has its fair share of spirits now — and we’re not just thinking of the heritage liqueurs. I lost my heart in Rajasthan. She was dusky to look at and as…

Smoke lab vodka

Matters of the spirit: The rise of rice

India is finally embracing rice, which grows abundantly here, as a primary grain for brewing spirits. And the results are encouraging. For the purpose of science, I’m sitting at my bar with…

Jack daniel's 10yo

Matters of the spirit: Notable whiskies of 2021

Our spirits connoisseur lists out some of the best whiskies to have hit the shelves in 2021. Amrut Spectrum Ashok Chokalingam is normally a quiet and reserved man, so when he starts…

Luxury cognac

Matters of the spirit: Luxury in a bottle

It’s still early days for luxury spirits in India, but the market is warming up.  For a product or experience to be classified as luxury, it should be aspirational or exclusive, and…

A bowl of fruit punch

Matters of the spirit: The punch chronicles

Punch, which according to some is the progenitor of most modern drinks, is starting to make regular and interesting appearances on Indian bar menus. But we want more.   David Wondrich pays tribute…

A row of attractive cocktails

Matters of the spirit: It’s all about the menu, honey

Cocktail menus are no longer what they used to be. They now come in designer avatars, meant to pique curiosity, serve as conversation starters and keep the customers coming back for more. …


Matters of the spirit: The non-alcoholic beverage trend

No longer just a healthier alternative to alcohol, non-alcoholic beverages and mixers are emerging as drinks in their own right.  “Broadly speaking it’s all about being mindful of my act and that…

The library bar at the leela chanakyapuri

Matters of the spirit: Can five-star hotel bars bounce back?

Once, bars at five-star hotels were at the top of the game. Then—with a few laudable exceptions—standalone bars took over. Can five-star hotel bars reclaim their place in the sun? The movie Casablanca is…

Sidecar makaibari collab

Matters of the spirit: The Sidecar x Makaibari collab

Sidecar is currently No. 16 on the prestigious list of Asia’s 50 best bars. Makaibari, of course, is the greatest tea estate in Darjeeling. When they come together in a cocktail glass,…