Rhea Mulani

An independent writer, Rhea likes to narrate stories previously untold. With a penchant for travel, food and culture stories, she aims to offer the reader a chance to travel vicariously through her words. Read her work on her personal blog, where it all began, before she debuted on Conde Nast Traveller India. She also works in her family's freight forwarding business, where most of her story ideas are born. When the pen is put down, her passion for drama or baking takes over. Rhea prefers tea over coffee, mountains over beaches and the Beatles over all.

Handmade pasta

Homegrown brands we love: Cacio e Pepe

How a trip to Italy led to the birth of Mumbai’s first artisanal pasta brand, Cacio e Pepe. Often, we find ourselves questioning the cogency of the work culture we humans have…