A list of must-try food when in Puducherry

Here is our list of delicacies you must try when you visit Puducherry.

Whenever planning a trip within India, Puducherry easily ranks high for its exquisite cuisine, scenic locales, and overall fun vibe.

The much-loved city offers tourists a little bit of France, amazing beaches colourful markets and a lot more. Taking a closer look at the must-haves in terms of mouthwatering food, here are a few delicacies and places we loved.

Chettinad curry

Chicken chettinad curry in pondicherry is pretty much the best.
Chicken Chettinad curry in Pondicherry is pretty much the best.

This classic South Indian dish is a staple of Chettinad cuisine, and a definite must-try when in Puducherry. It’s a thick and spicy curry with a fresh coconut base and lots of roasted spices paired with juicy chicken. The curry is also available with mutton or seafood, as per your preference but still equally delicious. The curry is best paired with your choice of bread, and Malabar parotta is a good place to start.

Pink sauce pasta

Surprisingly, pink sauce pasta is one to keep your eye out for in pondicherry.
Surprisingly, pink sauce pasta is one to keep your eye out for in Pondicherry.

While you’ll find plenty of French cuisine offerings, there are also some pretty smashing places for Italian food. The pink sauce pasta at Mel Whisks, especially, is something you cannot skip when in Puducherry. It’s a beautiful blend of creamy white sauce and red sauce served with a side of cheesy garlic bread. Available in prawns, paneer, and chicken, choose the protein of your preference! The pleasant rooftop ambience coupled with good music is added bonus.

Shrimp crackers

These shrimp crackers in pondicherry are to die for!
These shrimp crackers in Puducherry are to die for!

If you love your seafood, then you’re definitely going to love this side dish cum snack. Also at Mel Whisks, get your hands on the shrimp crackers, these crunchy and crispy crackers are generously seasoned with shrimp and spices. They will definitely keep you wanting more.

Open baguette sandwiches

Open baguette sandwiches at café des art, pondicherry.
Open baguette sandwiches at Café des art, Puducherry.

The types of freshly baked bread available in Puducherry will leave you spoilt for choice! As for the best of it, indulge in the Open baguette sandwiches at Café des art. We tried the Forest tartine, served with thick tomato sauce spread across two crunchy baguette slices. It’s topped with garlic, mushrooms, loads of cheese, and olives. On the side, you’re served mashed potatoes, pickles, and a little salad made of fresh lettuce and tomatoes.

Idli vada with sambar

Idli vada is an authentic way to start off meals in pondicherry.
Idli vada is an authentic way to start off meals in Pondicherry.

One cannot skip the authentic South Indian breakfast experience when in Puducherry. For the same, Surguru is one of the best places in town with a completely vegetarian menu. Light fluffy idli juxtaposed against crunchy and soft medu vada, it’s served with their signature delicious sambar. It’s simply the perfect meal to kick off your day. Don’t forget to order a steaming hot cup of filter coffee to complete your breakfast.

Crab masala

Crab masala in pondicherry.
Crab masala in Pondicherry.

Seafood in Puducherry is to die for. We can’t say that enough. The classic crab masala with Malabar parotta/lachcha paratha is a perfect combination for any meal of the day. And for those of you holding back because you don’t like the whole process of deshelling the crab, just ask your server for deshelled crabs in the masala and enjoy. Prawn and Crab – House of seafood also has an amazing range of delicacies that are absolutely finger-licking.

Crunchy prawns

Crunchy and savoury prawns served with schezwan chutney.
Crunchy and savoury prawns served with schezwan chutney.

Prawns coated in a classic batter of flour, breadcrumbs, spices, and deep-fried till golden brown are serious competition to fried chicken. Crispy and crunchy on the outside, and soft plus moist on the inside – these are the perfect appetizer before your meal. Try these at Fishaurant in Puducherry, where you can indulge in an amazing seafood menu.

Fish bites

Spicy and crunchy fish bites at fishaurant.
Spicy and crunchy fish bites at Fishaurant.

Bite-sized deep-fried fish…need I say more? You can choose the type of fish you want and it will be served to you bite-sized and deep-fried, generously coated with a spicy batter. This is an extremely delicious appetiser.


Freshly baked croissants. Image: unsplash.
Freshly baked croissants. Image: Unsplash.

One simply cannot and should not skip baked goods in Puducherry and Auroville. Make sure to get your hands on the croissants from Auroville bakery, freshly made every day. You can get hot croissants, quiches, biscuits, tarts, pies, and a lot more from 7 in the morning.


Chocolate sensation pastry with loads of chocolate at café ole.
Chocolate sensation pastry with loads of chocolate at Café Ole.

Pastries with creamy goodness at Café Ole will satisfy all your sugar cravings. Their Chocolate sensation cake will make your mouth water with chocolatey goodness. They warm up the pastry before serving so the chocolate oozes out the pastry, but that certainly doesn’t come in the way of you making a mess as you devour it. Hit Bread and Chocolate café in Auroville for the most amazing bonbons and truffles.


Waffle drenched in maple syrup at café des arts.
Waffle drenched in maple syrup at Café des arts.

The classic combination of waffles dusted with powdered sugar and topped with loads of maple syrup is just a piece of heaven on a plate. It’s also heaven that’s available in almost every café around Puducherry. Café Des Arts has some amazing options when it comes to waffles. And if you are taking a stroll on the Promenade beach The Waffle Hut is the place to go.


Delicious caramel cappuccino and chocolate cappuccino at café ole.
Delicious caramel cappuccino and chocolate cappuccino at Café Ole.

Now I am of the strong belief that coffee has the power to make everything better and Puducherry has some great places where you can score a great cup of cappuccino, latte, espresso, or what satisfies your coffee cravings. Café Ole has some ravishing cappuccinos, especially their caramel cappuccino and chocolate cappuccino is a must-have. Café des arts macchiato is a perfect blend of espresso and milk.

What are some dishes you’d recommend?

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