14 Traditional Indian Drinks for the Summer

By TravelDine

Aam Panna

One of the most beloved mango-based drinks, it uses raw mango and a variety of spices.


A refreshing household drink from down south, Panakam combines jaggery, cardamom, pepper and ginger.

Jal Jeera

This crowd favourite puts an Indian twist on lemonade, adding cumin, pepper and black salt to the mix.

Bel Sherbet

This cooling drink combines the pulp of bel (wood apple), jaggery and lemon juice. It is a traditional remedy for heat-stroke.


A favourite in Maharashtra and Gujarat, this creamy drink is made from shrikhand, buttermilk, nutmeg, saffron. and dry fruits.


Made by combining curd, green chillies, ginger and yogurt, this drink is a summer favourite across South India.


Often served with a healthy dollop of malai (cream), this quintessentially Punjabi beverage is an instant mood-lifter.

Taal Sherbet

Whether you call it Taal, Targola or Nongu, the ice apple fruit makes for a deliciously juicy thirst quencher.

Phalsa Sherbet

Phalsa, aka Grewia asiatica, is a blueberry-sized fruit which makes for a delicious summer chiller.

Chandan Sherbet

Made from sandalwood, which is  known for its cooling properties, this drink also uses kewra extract and rose petals.

Jil Jil Jigarthanda

An iconic chiller from Madurai, it combines cold milk, sea algae, nannari syrup, almond resin, basundi and ice cream.

Ragi Ambali

This cooling drink made from ragi (finger millets) is Karnataka's low-calorie answer to the searing summer heat.

Gondhoraj Ghol

A traditional Bengali drink that combines curd, sugar, black salt, chilled water and the pulpy juice of Gondhoraj lime.

Imli ka Amlana

Rajasthan's answer to the blistering desert heat, this drink combines tamarind, black salt, spices and mint leaves in chilled water.

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