Be the first to try Yauatcha’s brand new range of gourmet ice creams

London’s favourite dim sum tea house, Yauatcha has now introduced their first-ever range of premium-gourmet ice creams!
Hazelnut and praline sounds even more delicious when you know it's a tub of yauatcha's latest premium ice-cream
Hazelnut and Praline sounds even more delicious when you know it’s a tub of Yauatcha’s latest premium ice-cream

Known for its authentic Cantonese cuisine with a modern twist, the London originated Yauatcha now has something for ice-cream lovers too! Their new range of premium-gourmet decadent ice creams can be ordered at your door to enjoy the familiarity of the brand in the comfort of your home.

The beloved all day dim sum tea house has introduced four decadent flavours. Firstly there is the hazelnut and praline ice cream, the perfect combination of chocolate and the nuttiness of hazelnut. If you’re on the elusive hunt for a little crunch in your premium chocolate ice cream, this one’s made for you!

Representing the chocolate community is the innovative chocolate pebble ice cream. A spoonful of this can only be described as the perfect amalgamation of creamy goodness and dark chocolate. And if you like Yauatcha’s bestseller gateau, this tub is your go-to.

A delightful mix of creamy and dark, yauatcha's chocolate pebble ice cream is perfect for a binge day!
A delightful mix of creamy and dark, Yauatcha’s Chocolate Pebble ice cream is perfect for a binge day!

Then of course, we have the classic pecan and coffee combination, a delightfully indulgent yet refreshing ice cream. Who doesn’t love a well-made coffee flavoured ice cream with the perfect twist of pecan? Get hit by instant ecstasy as you treat yourself to this tub of premium Yauatcha’s ice cream.

Lastly, there’s Yauatcha’s honeycomb ice cream. With a rich creamy vanilla base textured with caramelised honeycomb, it’s a crunchy and creamy bite every time! 

While each tub retails at a rather steep Rs 820 (+ taxes), it’s an almost guaranteed worthwhile experience. Available across platforms like Swiggy and Zomato, you can also order one of these exotic flavoured aesthetic tubs straight from Yauatcha.

Crunchy premium pecans. Decadent and refreshing coffee. A tub full of yauatcha's icecream is every ice cream lover's dream.
Crunchy premium pecans. Decadent and refreshing coffee. A tub full of Yauatcha’s icecream is every ice cream lover’s dream.

If you haven’t experienced the brilliance of Yauatcha before, the ice-creams are simply the tip of a gourmet flavoured iceberg. Dessert lovers can find a safe haven in the patisserie, which offers an extensive array of petit gateaux, handcrafted chocolates and macarons that draw inspiration from Chinese ingredients and are presented in a classic European style. 

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The signature petit gateaux selection includes the rose shaped Raspberry delice, the decadent Chocolate pebble with crunchy cocoa nib nougatine and the Pecan coffee delice, with a mascarpone based gateau, rich buttery pecans, dark smoky coffee and crispy feuilletine. Alongside this, a wide range of aromatic teas are also available originating from India, China, Taiwan and Japan, completing the dim sum tea house experience. 

Your favourite indulgently sweet honeycomb is now in ice cream form, thanks to yauatcha
Your favourite indulgently sweet honeycomb is now in ice cream form, thanks to Yauatcha

The team behind Yauatcha India proves its commitment to the craft through a methodical process designed to bring the best to customers. A journey to the Ging Tea House, one of the oldest tea plantations in Darjeeling, was the first step to conjure a new tea blend. Through numerous activities such as tea tastings, interacting with the people behind the tea production and picking the best leaves of tea, the team came up with the final product – an aromatic brew which would be ideal as an accompaniment to the dim sum at Yauatcha.

Thus proved, your ice-cream cravings are in safe hands with these experts at work! People in Mumbai, the next time you find your sweet tooth tingling for something new, you can try the new flavours not only from the Yauatcha outlet but also from Nara Thai BKC and CinCin.

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