By TravelDine

Vacation rentals in Europe perfect for this summer


La Grotto Petrella Guidi, Italy

The apartment is part of a medieval castle handed down through generations 


The perfect getaway

Ideal for couples who want a quiet escape, the old tower has some breathtaking views  

The Farver Mill, Black Forest, Germany

A 200-year-old relic of the East Holstein manor tradition 


Where time stands still

From hand-forged keys to historic mill machinery, everything takes you back to a bygone era 

Aufberg 1113, Piesendorf, Austria


Luxury villa in Noorwijk, Netherlands

Built in the Dutch dune area, it offers pristine views, peace and serenity 


In the lap of nature

A natural pond, a mini beach and a garden flocking with deer: these and more experiences await visitors  

MDD4 Health Experience Hotel, Spain

Offers spectacular Sevillian views along with holistic wellness treatments 


Dedicated to wellness

Seasonal pools, an indoor gym and an expert wellness staff to guide guests

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