The taste of Maharashtra

By TravelDine

There’s a lot more to the food in Maharashtra than vada pav

The state has a long standing almost religious love affair with food

Marathi food is known and loved for its tang, spice, and above all, balanced dishes   

It is widely regarded as one of the more flavourful and wholesome cuisines in India

There are five distinct regions in Maharashtra, each with their own take on recipes, even when it comes to the classics

While you might find certain similarities in terms of bhakris, rice, condiments, and the love for all things sour and spicy…  

You’ll find different masala, recipes, and tweaks in flavor across every household

1. Konkan

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A traditional Konkan meal in Maharashtra is incomplete without some fish fry

2. Paschim Maharashtra 

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Any meal here would be incomplete without Mirchi cha thecha (green chili chutney) and Kanda Lasun thecha (onion-garlic chutney)

3. Marathwada 

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Delicious dhapte served with fresh yogurt makes for a staple Marathwada meal

4. Khandesh 

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Their food is extremely spicy, with all credit going straight to their Kala Masala (Black Spices)

5. Vidarbha 

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They have the spiciest misal in all of the state- Nagpuri misal pav

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