Most Adventurous Zip Lines to Experience in 2022

By TravelDine

Zip 2000  Sun City, South Africa

Fastest and the most longest zip line in the world

WildPlay Zip Line to the Falls, Canada

This ride offers an aerial view of the Niagara.

Icy Strait Point, Alaska, US

Offering a scenic view, this zip line is a 1300 foot vertical drop

The Dragon’s Breath, Ladadee, Haiti 

This zip line is the longest zip over water, that ends on a beach

Pena Aventura Park, Portugal

This line connects two different municipalities of Portugal

The Zip Zone, Philippines

Asia's longest zip line that speeds between 80-100 KPH

Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park, Puerto Rico

Experience flying like a bird here over a distance of 1.5 miles

The Heavenly Flyer, Tahoe, US

This ride offers a spectacular view of water bodies and dense forests

The Kapohokine, Hawaii, US

This zip line spans over 14 falls, offering splendid views

Skyrider Tour Hunter Mountain, US

This adventurous zip line is the second longest in the US

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