10 coolest corporate headquarters

By TravelDine

to visit in the world

Our workspaces should reflect our personalities  

Rather than just plain, boring buildings,   

It would be cool to step into unique offices   

Like working on a rooftop garden with a half-mile walking track 

Let's check out some amazing offices  

The Bank of China Tower, Hong Kong

The building has a sleek steel and glass exterior and is nicknamed ‘The Cleaver’

Hearst Tower, Manhattan

It makes up one of the world’s largest media conglomerates.

Nike World Headquarters, Oregon

The facilities house two soccer fields, an impressively large gym, a tennis court, a putting green, and a beautiful running court

The Googleplex, Santa Clara, California  

A sprawling campus filled with elaborate buildings, pathways, ponds, fountains, and parkways.

Amazon Biodomes, Seattle  

There are three steel and glass biodomes — the tallest and most central of which stands over five stories tall.

Facebook, Menlo Park, California

The building has nine-acre green space adorning its roof.

BMW HQ, Munich

The main structure is built to resemble the pistons of an engine.

Apple’s SpaceShip Cupertino, California  

It features an enormous ring-shaped office building as its centerpiece.

Microsoft, Washington

Currently it is under a design plan that is more akin to make it an urban neighborhood rather than a business campus.