The world's 10 best locations for Scuba Diving 

By TravelDine

Blue Waters:  

Great Blue Hole, Belize 


The world's largest ocean sinkhole makes for a serene dive. The best time to go is from April to June.  

Barracuda Point, Sipadan Island 


So  named for the enormous schools of Barracuda observed here, it is one of  Sipandan’s most unique offerings. 

Darwin's Arch, Galapagos 


An  islet off the course of Ecuador, it is teeming with diverse marine life.  

Maaya Thila, The Maldives 


 This  dive site is an underwater island, crowned by a shallow top reef. The waters are home to  a very diverse array of marine creatures. 

Richelieu Rock, Thailand


The crags and crevices here are home to many marine creatures: sea horses, porcelain crabs, ghost pipefish and more. 

Santa Rosa Wall, Cozumel 


The marine life here is spectacular: ranging from several varieties of corals to giant sea fans and a toadfish that's only found here.  

SS Thinglestorm Wreck, Egyptian Red Sea 


 One of  the world's most captivating shipwrecks. 

SS Yongala Wreck, Great Barrier Reef, Australia


A 350-foot steamer which sank in 1911, the Yongala wreck is among the world's most well preserved shipwrecks.  

Yolanda and Shark Reef, Egyptian Red Sea


The Suez and Aqaba gulfs meet here, making it a hotspot of marine life.  

1000 Steps, Bonaire 


Among the world’s most coveted diving spots, divers here can find sea turtles, parrotfish, blue tangs and much more.