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The ruins of Petra have a lot of attractions like treasury  which has the tomb of a Nabatean king,  and the famous monastery along with a temple, government buildings and a theater.

photo: Spencer Davis

Petra Treasury 

Al-Khazneh is one of the most intricately designed  temples in Petra. situated in the ancient city that served as the Nabatean Kingdom  for the Arabs.

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Located in the southern part of Jordan, this protected reserve literally translates to valley of mosses.  reddish/pinkish sands, old rock engravings and peaceful landscapes are something you wouldn't want to miss out on!

Wadi Musa

photo: Zeynep Olif

The Jordan Monastery is called Ad Deir in Arabic. To reach the iconic  monument, one has to walk for 40 minutes from the Basin.

Ad Deir

photo: Mixkit

Petra Church 

The Petra church ,  also known as the Byzantine Church is located in the elevated ground of the city center. It is world famous for its well-preserved mosaic decoration .

photo: Osman

High land of sacrifice

Built atop Jebel Madbah, it is a well preserved site which  is hidden in the mountains above Wasi Musa in Jordon. The sacred place can be reached by climbing a few hundred steps!

photo: Mixkit

Urb Tomb

The Urn Tomb was built in the 70AD for King Malichos II. It is one of the most distinctive tombs amongst the  Royal tombs of Petra.

photo: Mixkit

 photo: Juanma Clemente

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