Top 5 most adventurous road trips in India

By TravelDine

Dashed Trail

Kolli Hill Road, Tamil Nadu 


Dashed Trail

A 50-km road in Tamil Nadu's Namakkal district 

Famous for its 70 hairpin bends, the road offers breath-taking panoramas as it passes through tropical forests. 

Gata Loops, Ladakh 


Dashed Trail

The name gives it away this  loopy road has 21 hairpin turns to boast of.  

At 17,000 feet, travelers are promised stomach-churning twists, beautiful mountain peaks and even a spooky story!

Neral-Matheran Road, Maharashtra


Dashed Trail

A narrow and serpentine road with no fencing, sharp turns and steep climbs, this isn't a drive for the faint-of-heart. 

Offering panoramic views of the verdant green Western ghats, this road is as tricky as it is rewarding. 

Kinnaur Road, Himachal Pradesh


Dashed Trail

Connecting Sangla Valley to the rest of India, this road is one for the true adventurers. 

Carved out of sheer rock cliffs and prone to land-slides, the route is difficult; the terrain beautiful. 

Zuluk Zungzag Road, Sikkim


Dashed Trail

With a whopping 100 hairpin bends along a 30km stretch, this road is as adventurous as it gets.  

The zig-zag route come with a reward the stunning scenery from the Thambi viewpoint!