Best spots in Dubai for shawarma lover

By TravelDine

Tap to find out the top six shawarma places in Dubai!


Al Farooj

Must try: Shawarma Saj Platter  & Shawarma Saj Platter Combo

photo: alfarooj_uae


The shawarmas here are prepared in an authentic Syrian style according to the restaurant.

Photo: @laffahrestaurantuae

Belad Al Sham

What you won’t expect is how mind-blowing their shawarmas can get. Be it in a wrap, in a platter, chicken or beef, or all of the above

photo: @asmail_arslan

Allo Beirut 

A fairly new entrant on the scene, this particular UAE outlet has already clawed its way onto many shawarma lovers’ lists.  

Photo: @allobeirutstreetfood

Al Hallab 

Present at 4 different locations across Dubai, you can also indulge in a complete Lebanese meal!

photo: @gourmet_with_lax

Al Mallah

Al Mallah is worth the hype given the size and supremely stuffed nature of the shawarma. 

Photo: @almallahuae

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