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Alula saudi arabia

5 reasons why AlUla is Saudi Arabia’s hottest heritage destination

Thousands of years worth of history, stunning sandstone formations and desert landscapes that form a living museum, thrilling adventures and state-of-the-art entertainment are all packed into Saudi Arabia’s newest tourism hotspot, AlUla. Here’s all you need to know about the destination, which only opened to visitors in late 2020.

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7 films that will take you on a virtual vacation

There’s no denying the power of cinema to transport you to anywhere in the world, real or imagined. While you may be bound indoors, we offer you films that will take you on a vicarious journey across the world, from a rain-drenched fort in the Konkan to the neon lights of Tokyo.

Luxury resorts maldives hotels

7 unique experiences for a memorable vacation in the Maldives

Otherworldly views, underwater adventures, haute cuisine and valuable lessons in the luxurious art of doing nothing—here’s your guide to soaking in the fine experiences that the Maldives has to offer.

Women's day special shivya nath arunima sinha

Women’s Day Special: 5 inspiring women on our radar

From the first woman amputee to scale Mt Everest to a shutterbug quietly documenting the hidden lives of rural women in India, we celebrate the women who have inspired team Traveldine ahead of Women’s Day 2021.

Wildlife sanctuary india

Indian Wildlife bucket list: 7 fantastic creatures and where to find them

After being shuttered due to the pandemic, India’s national parks and sanctuaries have reopened just in time for peak wildlife-spotting season. From the majestic tiger to the tiny red panda, we’ve put together a handy guide to the best wildlife experiences in the country.

Spiti valley

Spiti Valley reopens for tourism with new COVID-19 guidelines

Spiti Valley has opened its doors to tourists 10 months after authorities restricted travel in the region over the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re planning a trek, make sure you take a note of the latest tourism guidelines issued by local authorities.