The ultimate list of brews to ring in International Beer Day

As we celebrate International Beer Day 2022, here’s a list of homegrown and other beers to chug in proper honour of the year’s best day!

Start your International Beer Day on a high note with a list of some of the best beers available across India. 

Nothing beats the refreshing impact of beer, and it doesn’t hurt that the drink is perhaps most nutritious and far less damaging than all other forms of alcohol. Add to that the burgeoning craft beer industry over the last decade, and there’s plenty of choice for enthusiasts on International Beer Day. 

Be it in a pint, mug, man-mug, or tower, there’s no dearth of ways and varieties of beer for one to indulge in and explore. As brewers get more particular about ingredients and techniques, there are several brands offering the choicest quality. From homegrown brands to reliable global classics, there’s everything from an IPA to a stout right here. To help you skip the hassle of zeroing in on the best choice for a tipsy evening, here’s the best of the best.

Kotsberg Pils

Kotsberg pils is a beer for the youth!
Kotsberg Pils is a beer for the youth!

With 4.5% abv, Kotsberg Pils is ideal for young beer enthusiasts who love a good vibe. The key ingredients here are the oaky malted barley — for colour and a malty sweet flavour, and rice flakes — to lighten the beer body for a crisp and refreshing feel. The warm notes of German Hops add an exclusive aroma to the beer. Available in bottles, pints, cans as well as imported kegs, Kotsberg Pils comprises no added sugar and is widely touted as a flavourful drink that would excite all your senses. The beer recently bagged the coveted silver medal category at the prestigious Brussels Beer Challenge.

Simba Stout

Simba stout makes for the best espresso caramel toasty and comforting beer.
Simba Stout makes for the best espresso caramel toasty and comforting beer.

Head on to the dark side with the delicious Simba Stout. A personal favourite, the beer sports a deep ebony colour and roasty flavours. The hint of espresso and creamy tang makes for the perfect sip each time. With 5% abv, the beer claims to be the country’s first bottled craft stout and also has hints of caramel as well as dark chocolate.

Six Fields Blanche

Desi spices in a beer bottle? Sure!
Desi spices in a beer bottle? Sure!

An award-winning beer Belgian-style beer, Six Fields Blanche has swiftly climbed the success ladder. Based on one of the oldest beer recipes handed down over generations, the brew is infused with six flavourful ingredients and sweet notes of wheat. A highlight of Six Fields is that the crafted beer boasts desi spices such as coriander that exhumes an extremely soothing aroma. In addition to cans and bottles, Six Fields Blanche with 4.5% abv is also available in kegs.


Any beer enthusiast worth their salt loves a good old bud.
Any beer enthusiast worth their salt loves a good old Bud.

Who doesn’t love this classic? The medium-bodied beer with a crisp flavour uses premium barley malt and a combination of the most aromatic premium hop types. Other components of the brew, which has 5% abv, include fresh rice and purified water. Adolphus Busch founded the beer after arriving in the US from Germany in 1857, and the producers insist that they have never changed the original recipe. You can also enjoy the Magnum variant though, a crowd favourite in India.


Copter7 offers two variants of delicious crisp beers.
Copter7 offers two variants of delicious crisp beers.

An ode to brand ambassador Dhoni’s signature shot, Copter7, launched by 7Ink Brews, comes in two variants: Copter7 Premium Strong and Copter7 Premium Lager. While Copter7 Strong is a malty amber lager with a mild toasty aroma and low bitterness levels, the Copter7 Premium Lager is a light, crisp beer. These beers are brewed locally with high-quality hops and malts in state-of-the-art facilities in Karnataka and Punjab. The beer is available across nine states of India including Goa, Mumbai, Pune, Haryana, Bangalore, Punjab, Jharkhand and more in just a year.

Iron Hill

Locally sourced ingredients used to craft the best iron hill beer.
Locally sourced ingredients are used to craft the best Iron Hill beer.

This beer is brewed with high-quality raw materials imported from their source countries and some locally sourced to unite the craft beer lovers with original brews. Iron Hill India was started in 2017 by Teja Chekuri, as the first micro-brewery in Andhra Pradesh. This beer is now available in Vishakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Hyderabad and Bangalore, but by the end of 2022, they plan to expand to more cities across the country.

Maka Di

Maka or mine in konkani is a goa homegrown beer you'll love.
Maka or mine in Konkani is a Goa homegrown beer you’ll love.

A Goa-based brewery that regulars have compared to be at par with European beers like that of Germany and Belgium. Belgian Blanche, Honey Ale, Bavarian Kellerbier and Belgian Tripel are the four variants that are currently available. The Belgian Blanche boasts of a slight floral hop and the Belgian yeast adds more body to this amazing beer. This beer is available in Goa, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Chandigarh.

7 Rivers

Wheat beers are always a classic.
Wheat beers are always a classic.

Anheuser Busch InBev’s Indian unit took its customers by surprise when it launched two local wheat beers in 2019, thus giving birth to the 7 Rivers Brewing Co. With its colourful and vibrant packaging, this homegrown beer brand soon became everyone’s favourite and got featured in Instagram stories all around. It launched with two variants, Machaa and Veere.

Kati Patang

A recent but stellar craft beer entry in the market.
A recent but stellar craft beer entry in the market.

One of India’s most recent craft beer brands to enter the market, Kati Patang is famously known for brewing its beer with sparkling clear, pure Himalayan spring water. The name speaks to those who are unashamedly free-spirited and refuse to let anything hamper their freedom of expression and was originally brewed in Bhutan’s Serbhum brewery. When Kati Patang launched in 2018, Delhi was the only place in India lucky enough to get a taste. But now this brand can be found in Chandigarh, Bengaluru and Mumbai too! Kati Patang currently has four variants – Bareilly Bold, Zesty Amber, Snappy Wheat and Saffron Lager.

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