The summer garden at Cheval Blanc Paris is an ode to Parisian style holidays

Lasting until mid-September, the doors to a fabulous summer garden aka Le Jardin de Cheval Blanc Paris awaits you on the seventh floor.
Cheval blanc paris's seventh floor summer garden is a place of pure parisian indulgence. Image: cécile & guillaume.
Cheval Blanc Paris’s seventh floor summer garden is a place of pure Parisian indulgence. Image: Cécile & Guillaume.

Who doesn’t love the promise of a summertime meal on a terrace garden? At Cheval Blanc Paris, you’ll find a spacious 650 square metre panoramic terrace garden on the seventh floor. 

Surrounded by the most aesthetic trees and flowers, the restaurant is a destination in itself, given its location amid the most beautiful landmarks of the capital. Given the nature of this exhilarating creation Arnaud Donckele has worked with Chef William Béquin to compose a concise and colourful menu. 

With unparalleled freshness being the end goal, the lunches and dinners center around strawberries and tomatoes. From Pineapple, Crimean Black, Beef or Pigeon Heart, Cranberry, to Cherry and the many variations of the tomato, there’s plenty of room for the chefs to experiment and play with every facet of this sun-saturated fruit. 

Le jardin cheval blanc paris tarte à la tomate.
Le Jardin Cheval Blanc Paris Tarte à la tomate.

The alchemy of these recipes unlock the sweet perfume of Mediterranean summer and tantalise the senses all at once. Imagine sampling a savoury sweet mix through a Tomato French toast with a Green Zebra tomato sorbet. With iconic Parisian views on all sides, might we add. 

Meanwhile, other surprises await. For instance, the Cornue tomato stuffed with bulgur makes the Return from the Islands, a style involving preparation in the bread oven. It shares the signature spotlight with its brother on the menu, another tomato with a juicy stuffing of beef, pequillo or piquillo peppers and sage. What immediately makes this menu standout is the secondary role that fish and meat play here.

The dessert menu is in a league of its own, helmed by Pastry Chef Maxime Frédéric. Strawberry plays a delicious medium here for the many expressions of the sweet joys of this place. You must try the île flottante with wild strawberries and orange blossom, for example, or the shortcake with Ciflorette strawberries and rhubarb jam.

Le jardin cheval blanc paris tarte à la fraise.
Le Jardin Cheval Blanc Paris Tarte à la fraise.

Given the seasonal nature of this summer menu, the place clearly has a soft spot for sustainable produce. The Chefs are the privileged partners of Plantation Paris, the brand new urban garden whose rooftop greenhouse and permaculture vegetable plots are just a stone’s throw from Montmartre. The team there is as concerned about the environment as the quality of the fruit and vegetables they grow with such care

If that wasn’t enough, cocktails aplenty await on the western side of the terrace. Under the guidance of Head Bartender Florian Thireau, guests can indulge in sublime cocktails that complement the sunset over the Sacré-Cœur. The drinks are as innovative as they are delightful. 

Enjoy sublime cocktails at le jardin de cheval blanc paris.
Enjoy sublime cocktails at Le Jardin de Cheval Blanc Paris.

In a nod to the Mediterranean menu of Le Jardin de Cheval Blanc Paris, you will find great classics like the Pisco Sour, the Daïquiri and the Margarita, reworked and refined with surprising ingredients. Select olive oils are the keystone of these summery fresh recipes. The technique is exacting, the result, explosive. Florian Thireau’s ultra-fresh cocktails achieve a perfect balance. With a Strawberry Daïquiri in your hand as the sun hits the horizon, the whole of the City of Light opens up before you. 

With its rooftop garden and specially curated refreshing menu, Cheval Blanc Paris has knocked it out the park this time.

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